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10 Attorney Marketing Strategies to Try Now

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10 Attorney Marketing Strategies to Try in 2023

Get Your Firm Seen in 2023 with These Marketing Strategies

Whether you run a solo firm or a large law practice, you must remain invested in your marketing to continue bringing in new leads and bolstering your local reputation. While marketing budgets may vary, the fundamental strategies of successful digital marketing remain the same. In 2023, the following tactics will be essential for law firms seeking growth this year.

  1. Reach New Audiences – If you are a smaller firm with a limited marketing presence, there may be many possibilities when it comes to reaching new audiences. However, if you already have a well-established name in your practice area, you may be seeking creative opportunities to reach new leads. One large potential audience that many law firms fail to target is Spanish speakers. With bilingual legal marketing services, you can connect with an audience your competitors are not even considering, giving you a distinct edge in your market.
  2. Create Video Content – Video is the preferred content medium for users on social media, which is one reason why TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2021 with more than 1 billion monthly users. But video content can go well beyond social media. It may be featured on YouTube, streaming services, and in conventional television ads. Of course, for law firms, video content must be professional, high-quality, and informative. Video is also another great area to engage with Spanish speakers.60% of Spanish-speaking adults are more likely to be loyal to companies that speak their language.
  3. Define Your Brand – Brand identity is the backbone of effective marketing. For attorneys, branding is essential because it establishes trust and authority before a client ever comes in for a consultation. Dual language branding will allow you to lock in your brand messaging to speak to different cultural identities, so you can build trust in the communities you serve.
  4. Be Active on Social – In a 2020 ABA Website & Marketing Survey, 29% of respondents say they got a client from personal use of social media for professional purposes. In 2023, the relevance of social media is not dying off. Social media sites are where consumers spend most of their time online, and having a presence on these platforms allows you to connect with current and potential clients on a more personal level. However, organic social media marketing isn’t enough to make an impact. Paid advertising is a must to be seen in your target audiences’ news feeds.
  5. Invest in Paid Ads – Paid ads on social media can increase your brand awareness, but paid ads on Google Search and the Google Display Network can target qualified leads who are seeking legal services right now. A staggering 96% of individuals seeking legal advice begin their search online. Paid search ads can allow you to show up in search results for their queries. By utilizing paid ads in Spanish, you have an even higher chance of being featured in top search results, as fewer attorneys are tapping into this significant audience.
  6. Measure Your Media Investment – When you’re exploring new ways to capture leads and grow your firm’s reputation, it’s essential to take stock of which strategies you’re already using and how well they’re working. Identify which platforms you’re using, how much you’re currently investing in them, and what kinds of returns they’re providing.
  7. Explore New Mediums – As you’re seeking ways to reach new audiences in 2023, you may explore new mediums to connect to those audiences. For example, you may make 2023 your year to establish a presence on TikTok, feature your legal insight as a guest blogger on industry blogs, or even launch a podcast.
  8. Invest in Quality Blog Content – If your website has not been getting great traffic or is failing to convert leads, you may benefit from a content marketing plan with regular blog posts. Law firms that frequently add new website content pull in 400% more traffic than firms with inactive blogs. But your schedule may be busy enough already without the added commitment of curating blog content. That’s where bilingual legal copywriting services from Abogados NOW can help.
  9. Update Your Website to Convert on Mobile – Most web users browse on mobile devices, so if your website isn’t optimized for mobile audiences, you are leaving leads on the table. Mobile optimization is even more important when targeting Spanish-speaking audiences, as 25% of Hispanics are smartphone-only web users.
  10. Implement Local SEO Strategies – You may be familiar with SEO, or search engine optimization, as the process of tailoring features on your website to comply with search engine algorithms, so that your site is featured in top results. Local SEO uses offsite tools, such as online directories and Google Business Profile, to improve your visibility in local searches and search results in Google Maps. These are the searches that get you seen by qualified leads in your area. For law firms, owning and optimizing listings within legal directories is particularly important for mastering local SEO. Creating a robust and active Google Business Profile listing is also essential.

Master Legal Marketing with Trusted Experts

The legal marketing experts at Abogados NOW offer the marketing knowledge and legal industry expertise you need to succeed with your 2023 marketing goals. We specialize in generating Spanish-speaking leads for English-speaking attorneys. We can help you reach audiences your competitors aren’t touching and take advantage of the latest tools and strategies to give your law firm an edge in your marketing approach. Schedule your free consultation today.

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