Why Are Ads Getting More Expensive?

November 3rd is election day. Trump vs. Biden. The news is saturated with election content, social media is saturated with election content, and amazingly, digital ads are growing saturated with election content as well. It may seem unexpected, but the closer we draw to the election, the more competitive online advertising will become. This is […]

How To Write Marketing Content Your Audience Will Actually Care About

Imagine you land on a legal team’s social media account and encounter these three posts: 5 Things To Do After A Car Accident 10 Reasons To Call A Personal Injury Attorney Right Away  7 Things Your Motorcycle Insurance Should Cover What do all of these posts have in common? If you answered, ‘almost everything’ then […]

How To Allocate Your Marketing Funds Effectively

Marketing is essential to your business. You can have the best legal team in the entire world, but if no one knows your name or phone number, you will not receive any business. Marketing is also one of those business areas that can cost as much as you let it. There are thousands of marketing […]

How To Secure Positive Client Reviews for Your Law Firm

Online reviews are incredibly powerful. Most consumers nowadays google a business before considering working with them and looking to third-party reviews for honest opinions on the business or service. A substantial cache of online reviews can do wonders for your business, which leaves many business owners wondering, how can I secure them? The good and bad […]

Understanding How SEO and Paid Media Can Benefit Your Law Firm

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has dominated the digital marketing conversation for years. It refers to where you rank on Google for key search terms. The idea is to get into the heads of your ideal consumer, predict what types of search queries they are likely to use, and then design your website so that […]

Understanding Website Heat Maps: What They Are and How They Can Help Your Law Firm

Picture your evening weather report. Let’s say there’s a storm coming in. The map of your area will likely be covered with translucent color. The areas with less intense weather will probably feature a green overlay, and the areas that will be more severe will be covered in a yellow, orange, or even red. Intuitively, […]

Why Your Firm Needs to Focus On A Bilingual Strategy Before It’s Too Late

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way a lot of people work and shop. Online connections have always been important, but amidst quarantine orders, online connections have become absolutely necessary.  The good news is that this is a moment for your digital marketing to shine. If you have been waiting for the right time […]