Understanding the Top 5 Most Exciting Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021

Digital marketing is a fast-moving industry. Every new Google update, social media trend, and viral news story presents an opportunity for digital marketers to capitalize on. A few tried and true digital marketing methods do exist, but generally speaking, it is best to keep your head on a swivel to be in front of the […]

Understanding How to Leverage Text Marketing

Texting is one of the last major opportunity frontiers in digital marketing. Consumers are used to seeing marketing messages in their email, search engine results, and personal social media channels. Still, few have fully adjusted to receiving marketing communication via text message.  Text messaging is very personal. For most, it feels like something that should […]

How to Diversify Marketing Efforts for Your Spanish-speaking Audience

When most marketers think about bilingual marketing strategies, they only think about a division between English and Spanish-language marketing. They fail to consider the cultural and regional differences within their Spanish-speaking audience. Spanish is the official language of more than 20 countries. Spanish-speaking communities within the US adopt and expand on their home or heritage […]

Unique Ways to Showcase Testimonials on Your Website

Customer testimonials are a fantastic way to build credibility with your audience. After all, anyone can say nice things about themselves, but if a third party says something positive about your brand or service, it will go a lot farther than any piece of self-published content. The traditional way to display testimonials is on a […]

How To Engage Your Audience During the Holiday Season

2020 has been rough on everyone, but this time of year is likely to be especially difficult. Instead of gathering with family, sharing a meal, and spreading cheer, most people are in isolation, worried about infecting their loved ones and opting to stay safe and at home. This means that marketers are going to need […]

Understanding Why Google Translate Sucks

People dedicated their lives to learning and understanding different languages. It was once solely an art, but language technology has made major advancements since the birth of the Internet. Where once you would have needed a Spanish to English dictionary to put together the most basic sentence in another language, you can now copy/paste full […]

How to Define Your Cost Per Acquisition

Customers do not find your business for free. To attract and retain paying clients, your firm will need marketing dollars for branding, advertising, digital media, commercials, public relations, and more. Think of it this way – no one can hire you if they do not know who you are or how to find you. This […]