How to Start Your Legal Newsletter

Do you read every single email that lands in your inbox? Or do you open the most important emails, skim a few others, and immediately delete those that you know you’ll never read? Chances are, you’re probably doing some combination of the above as opposed to reading every single email you get. But how much […]

TikTok for Law Firms

Technology is constantly evolving to meet our ever-changing needs, and as a business, if you don’t keep pace, you’re going to be left behind. As the great H.G. Wells said, “Adapt or perish!” This maxim is especially true when it comes to the legal profession. In our crowded, ultra-competitive space, lawyers, as well as law […]

Our Feature on The Law Firm Marketing Catalyst Podcast

“More often than not, attorneys don’t have a Spanish strategy. The Spanish-speaking market is not a monolith. What we do is not a translation exercise; it’s a brand positioning exercise within your local community. The Pew Research Center confirmed that the vast majority of Spanish speakers use their phones as a primary source for the […]