4 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Clients

Picture this: you just spent thousands of dollars building out your dream site for your law firm. And it’s beautiful; captivating images, thoughtful copy, and it’s SEO optimized. Your traffic is increasing by the day. Everything seems to be going according to plan.   And yet, no one is converting into a client.   Building […]

CRM For Law Firms: What Do They Do and Why Do You Need One?

Everyone knows that your network is one of the most pivotal aspects of your business. Building a sustainable community of clients and leads isn’t all about cold calling and handing out business cards to anyone that crosses your path; it’s also about cultivating long-lasting connections in which trust is built, expectations are met, and mutually […]

How to Build High-Quality Video Content for Your Firm

  Video is a massive component of digital marketing – especially with the Spanish-speaking marketplace. According to Google research, one in two Hispanic smartphone users seek out video content that is specific to them as members of the Hispanic community. Considering that half of that audience is looking for video content, your firm cannot afford […]

Do I have to Speak Spanish to Work with Abogados Now?

No.  Allow us to elaborate! Abogados NOW specializes in bilingual marketing copy for attorneys and law firms. We can connect you with the Spanish-speaking market in your area, helping you grow your client base and increase your revenue. We have been doing this for years, and our prescriptive process for bilingual digital marketing reliably delivers […]

Bilingual Legal Intake: What’s the difference?

For many law firms, bilingual and Spanish-speaking clients are a crucial part of their growth strategy. With almost 14% of the US population speaking Spanish jumping to almost 30% in certain states, this represents a significant potential audience for attorneys.   When you are setting up your firm to be mindful of a bilingual audience, […]

Copywriting Toolkit for Professional Copy

Marketing copy is an integral part of any digital marketing plan. It can be used to entice a lead, educate a prospect, or delight a customer. In order to keep your audience informed and engaged, you need high-quality marketing copy, and high-quality marketing copy does not happen by accident.  Do not let an empty word […]

How Email Segmentation Can Increase Your Email Marketing Effectiveness

Picture your inbox right now. How many brands have emailed you today? This week? This month? Email marketing has been happening since the inception of the email itself, and it is going strong in 2021.    To make your email marketing effective, it is vital to segment your list of contacts. The thing is, no […]

How to Translate Marketing Success Into New Clients [Guest Blog by LEX Reception]

Law firms are increasingly conscious of the importance of marketing. A strong marketing strategy will help raise awareness of your practice, build your reputation, and attract leads that will convert. And that’s the key term. Convert. While all your marketing efforts help you attract attention and get new leads, your marketing needs to be matched […]

Nothing But the Facts: FAQ Guide

Once upon a time, marketing consisted of simply announcing something to an audience. Radio ads, billboards, and commercials spoke directly to the consumers and said, “You should buy this product; here is a catchy slogan or jingle to help you remember it.”   Those days are gone.    Today, consumers expect to have a dialog […]