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Zarabi Law


Zarabi Law is a client-focused and results-driven law firm serving California. Attorney Elliot Zarabi has extensive experience with constitutional law and the justice system, and he leads his team with a passion for protecting the legal rights of Americans.


Custom Website, Attorney Lead Generation, Spanish Branding & Strategy


Zarabi Law needed a viable way to grow their business without resorting to spending millions of dollars on television, radio, print, and other attorney lead generation services. When we began working with the firm, their digital presence in both English and Spanish was virtually non-existent.


We devised a fully bilingual digital strategy that allowed Zarabi Law to build credibility with English and Spanish speakers while simultaneously optimizing the firm’s targeting strategy to reach qualified legal leads that their competitors weren’t aware of.


We designed and developed a custom website for Zarabi in English and Spanish that converted visitors into qualified phone calls. Instead of simply translating Zarabi’s website from English to Spanish, we tailored web copy to each audience’s value systems and cultural shorthand, allowing Zarabi’s site to build credibility and feel natural in both languages.

Spanish Brand Identity​

To help establish trust and extend Zarabi’s genuine intent to connect with Los Angeles’s massive Spanish-speaking community, we crafted a stand-alone Spanish brand identity for the firm.

Video Ads

Data suggests that general consumers would like to get to know their attorney before trusting them with their business. We developed video spots in English, allowing Zarabi Law’s leader, Elliot Zarabi, to introduce his firm and himself to potential clients. We also created videos with a Spanish-speaking spokesperson to represent Zarabi’s firm in the local Spanish-speaking community.

Search Marketing

We dove into our vast keyword repository to identify terms Zarabi’s target market uses before making a purchase decision. We didn’t stop at low-hanging fruit like “criminal lawyer near me.” We examined user trends to uncover questions criminal justice prospects ask and which penal codes and citation numbers they look up before contacting an attorney. By honing in on these less obvious terms, in both English and Spanish, we uncovered significant numbers of potential clients that Zarabi’s competitors had not identified.

Social Media

We used public data to identify zip codes that held high concentrations of Zarabi’s target consumer. We then ran high-impact English and Spanish video advertising across these prospect-rich locations.


2X The Leads

We doubled Zarabi Law’s monthly legal lead volume within the first quarter of working together.

4.6X ROI

The Zarabi team saw an average 4.6X return on their media spend after partnering with us.

Expanded Their Team

Zarabi’s criminal defense campaigns have been so successful that they’ve increased their staff to accommodate the client volume.

Added a New Practice Area

Since working us, Zarabi Law has been able to add a personal injury practice. Their PI campaigns are experiencing similar successes to their criminal defense campaigns.

Client Feedback

I didn’t expect to have this level of service. I’ve done everything from radio advertising, to buying leads, to different types of lead generation. But what I’ve noticed is that you guys actually want to team up together. When I was advertising with different platforms, it was very stagnant. We’re constantly moving along.

I wanted to see what you could produce with minimal numbers. After those minimal numbers, I think we’ve actually increased our budget with you six-fold at this point. We’re getting what we need, we’re not getting a bunch of junk. And once we noticed that, we wanted to get into the PI realm with you guys because we trusted you; we trusted the quality that we were getting in that situation.

I feel like I have you guys right in my office. It’s like a well oiled machine on your end. There’s never been an issue with me getting in contact. It’s weird that you call me back so quickly. We’ve expanded from a local firm to now a state-wide firm. We’re no longer just doing criminal defense, we’re doing personal injury. Abogados Now brought me to a point where I never thought was possible. These guys have taken us to the next level. And they’re not just out to get your money. They’re out to work on your marketing, increase your marketing, and team up with you to grow together.

– Elliot Zarabi. ESQ

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