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Latinos More Dominant Android Users: Is Your Website’s Mobile Performing the Same on Android and IOS?

Hispanic consumers have unusual web habits. When most marketers imagine potential clients hitting their site, they are picturing someone on a desktop or laptop computer, enjoying their website’s full experience. The reality is much different for Spanish-speaking consumers. Studies have shown that many Spanish-speaking adults do not even bother to install the internet in their homes. Instead, they rely almost exclusively on their smartphones. Research has shown that 53.7% of the Spanish-speaking market purchased Android devices, while a mere 40.2% purchased iPhones. That means that most of your Spanish-speaking consumers are seeing the mobile version of your site that has been specifically optimized for Android.

This is important because, unfortunately, mobile sites can look very different across different operating systems. A site that looks great on your iPhone X may look drastically different on an Android device. Unless a website has been redesigned with Android’s specific criteria, mobile sites can look horrific across different devices. If you plan to participate in bilingual/multicultural marketing, it is vital to prioritize the Android version of your mobile site. If you fail to consider this market segment, you will be missing out on hundreds, if not thousands of potential clients.

Choosing to optimize your site for this specific marketing need can set you apart from the competition in a meaningful way. It is worth the investment in Android developers and professional translators to ensure that the Spanish-speaking consumer who is most likely to land on your site has a fantastic user experience. Do not miss your opportunity to take the extra step where others have not. Invest in an Android-optimized multicultural website, and wait for the clients to roll in.

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