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The Two Types Of Potential Criminal Defense Clients

Primarily there are two types of potential clients that criminal defense attorneys come across online. There are prospects that search for terms like “DUI attorney” or “criminal defense” to find counsel. And there is the larger group that searches online for things like penal code numbers or “DUI penalties in my state.”

Most marketing firms simply target the first set of consumers, spending your ad dollars on expensive PPC campaigns. The reason Abogados Now produces such fantastic results for clients is that we give attention to the second group. By analyzing consumer behavior, we can provide criminal defense practitioners with higher quality leads while keeping marketing spend down.

Common Issues

Problems We’ve Solved For Firms Like Yours

My ads are costing me money instead of making me money
I am spending more time on marketing than I am with my clients
Less qualified attorneys are getting the cases I want
I advertise in Spanish, but I am not seeing any traction
My firm is hard to find online
I keep wasting my time with junk leads
My website is a mess on mobile
I am not getting enough leads

What challenge does your firm face? What can we do to assist you?

We customize solutions based on your firm's size, budget, and goals. We don't think of ourselves as contractors. We're your firm's outside marketing team.

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Criminal Defense Practice Areas We've Generated Leads For

Sex Crimes
Weapons Offenses
Felonies & Misdemeanors
Traffic Violations
Violent Crimes
Federal Crimes
Domestic Violence
Property Crimes
White Collar Crimes
Juvenile Crimes
Child Abuse
Cyber Crimes
Civil Forfeitures/Seizure
Drug Offenses