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Ultimate Attorney Marketing Channels 2024

You’re invited! Join us to learn all about the “Ultimate Attorney Marketing Channels in 2024”. This Legal Professionals Workshop is accessible on-demand until April 19, 2024. Secure your FREE access to watch HERE NOW. 🎥 Check out what’s inside ⬇️ Presented by Abogados NOW Founder, Hugo E. Gomez. In less than 30 minutes, Hugo […]

Build Your 2024 Legal Marketing Plan in Under 1 Hour with AI – Legal Professionals Workshop

Build Your 2024 Legal Marketing Plan in Under 1 Hour

You’re invited to “Build Your 2024 Legal Marketing Plan in Under 1 Hour With AI”. This Legal Professionals Workshop is now accessible on-demand until April 7, 2024. Secure your FREE access HERE NOW! 🎥 Watch to learn more:   ☑️ EVOLVE with AI as you optimize your 2024 legal marketing strategy. 💻 Discover AI […]

Law Firm Sports Sponsorship: A Wonderful Opportunity to Market to Hispanics

It’s important to attract new Hispanic clients to cultivate brand identity. That is why law firm sports sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity

Law Firm Sports Sponsorship A Wonderful Opportunity In the digital age of today, it’s important for law firms that are trying to attract new Hispanic clients to cultivate their own Spanish brand identity and devote a significant amount of resources to digital marketing. That said, there still exist effective traditional marketing outlets where you can […]

Best Places Lawyers Can Advertise For FREE

Best Places Lawyers Can Advertise For FREE

Best Places Lawyers Can Advertise For FREE Promoting your law firm can be costly, but there are ways to advertise to potential clients for free! Here are just a few: 1) Directory sites like Avvo and Justia. Best Places Lawyers Can Advertise For FREE Avvo and Justia are popular websites that feature free attorney listings […]

Free Marketing Resources Every Firm Should Know About

Marketing is one of those line items that can cost as much as you let it. Splashy brand events, expensive trade shows, and top-of-the-line software all come with a steep price tag. Budgets can easily be blown with just a handful of choices.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. […]

Marketing Metrics You Should Be Paying Attention to

Numbers are hard.  Whether you’re totally green or are looking for ways to optimize your current digital marketing strategy, defining what marketing metrics matter to you the most will lay the foundation for your next steps. Think about it: how can you create a tailor-fit marketing strategy without knowing what your ultimate goals are? Successful […]

How to Refresh Your Firm’s Content When You’re too Busy to Write

As trite as it may seem, content truly is king in the world of digital marketing. This holds true for legal digital marketing as well.  We’ve heard attorneys online say time and time again that they want to focus more on their blog writing strategy. This is obviously easier said than done.  Unless your firm […]

We’re Nationwide!

We just announced our nationwide expansion! After successfully helping attorneys reach out to underrepresented Spanish-speaking communities in California, we’ve decided to take our services to the rest of the country. We’re proud of the work we’ve done for firms in California and are eager to bring our expertise to law offices all over the nation. […]

3 Tips for Working with a Marketing Consultant

In order to secure new customers and establish a strong reputation, your firm is going to need to participate in self-promotion. In other words, you are going to need a strong marketing strategy.  A strong marketing plan takes time, effort, and expertise. Many law firms choose to work with marketing consultants in order to ensure […]

3 Reasons Why You’re Scaring Potential Clients Away

The key objective to your bilingual digital marketing strategy should always be to bring in new clients that you can then convert into recurring business opportunities for your firm.  But what if that’s not happening? What if you seem to have stumbled into a cloud of new client repellent?  Chances are, it’s not them, it’s […]

5 Tips to Reboot Your Bilingual Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape, and it can oftentimes be difficult to stay ahead of the curve. Add the additional complexity of bilingual marketing, and it’s easy to feel like you’re in over your head. In order to help you jet-set your bilingual marketing plan to reach a broader audience, we’ve rounded up the […]