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Law Firm Sports Sponsorship: A Wonderful Opportunity to Market to Hispanics

In the digital age of today, it’s important for law firms that are trying to attract new Hispanic clients to cultivate their own Spanish brand identity and devote a significant amount of resources to digital marketing. That said, there still exist effective traditional marketing outlets where you can leverage your Spanish brand; sports sponsorship is […]

Best Places Lawyers Can Advertise For FREE

Marketing your law firm can be expensive, but there are some ways that you can advertise your practice to prospective clients at absolutely no charge! Here are just a few: 1) Directory sites like Avvo and Justia. Avvo and Justia are popular websites that feature free attorney listings organized by region and area of practice. […]

10 Proven Ways PRO Law Firms Maximize Bilingual Lead Generation And Conversion

10 Proven Ways PRO Law Firms Maximize Bilingual Lead Generation And Conversion

In the United States, Hispanics continue to be the nation’s fastest-growing demographic. If your law wants to grow, it needs to tap the underserved Hispanic market. Here are 10 ways that the nation’s top law firms are gaining and converting new Hispanic clients: 1) They partner with an expert Hispanic legal marketing agency like Abogados […]

SOLOs Can Compete With Larger Law Firms Through Hispanic Marketing!

SOLOs Can Compete With Larger Law Firms Through Hispanic Marketing!

Smaller or solo law firms may think that they’re at a disadvantage for a number of reasons: They don’t have the brand recognition of large law firms They don’t have the marketing budgets of large law firms They don’t have the marketing experience of large law firms Fortunately, smaller or solo law firms can thrive […]

What Makes a Good Legal Copywriter?

So, you want to hire a copywriter to help attract clients and highlight your law firm’s best attributes? That’s great! But wait – how do you know that a copywriter is right for the job? After all, you are trusting this person with information about your site and practice, and are trusting that they will […]

Why It Is Absolutely Vital To Optimize Your Site For Mobile

Your website is your digital marketing home base. It contains everything someone should need to know about working with your law firm. A strong legal website should provide education, a clear way to contact your company, and compelling reasons for why you are the right fit for someone’s legal needs. A stronger website is easy […]

Free Marketing Resources Every Firm Should Know About

Marketing is one of those line items that can cost as much as you let it. Splashy brand events, expensive trade shows, and top-of-the-line software all come with a steep price tag. Budgets can easily be blown with just a handful of choices.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. […]

5 Things That MUST Be on Your Homepage

Your website is your home base in 2021 and beyond; all roads should lead back to it. To avoid being lost in a sea of content, every one of your social media profiles, every article you are featured in, and every advertisement you run should include a link back to your website. From your website, […]

Marketing Metrics You Should Be Paying Attention to

Numbers are hard.  Whether you’re totally green or are looking for ways to optimize your current digital marketing strategy, defining what marketing metrics matter to you the most will lay the foundation for your next steps. Think about it: how can you create a tailor-fit marketing strategy without knowing what your ultimate goals are? Successful […]