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Framework For Building A Strong Bilingual Website In 2024 Building a strong bilingual website for your law firm that will attract new Hispanic leads requires some strategic planning. Here are some tips for building a strong bilingual website for your firm in 2024:   1) Remember that Hispanics prefer to access the internet on mobile devices.   The first rule of creating a […]

Quit Losing $$$ And Hispanic Clients To Multilingual Phone Trees

Illustration of a phone tree with English and Spanish menu options. If you don’t have a dedicated number for Spanish speakers, then you might as well forget about converting a lot of your potential Hispanic clients by phone. Using a bilingual or multilingual phone tree, as so many law firms do, is a sure-fire way to lose business. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most […]

What Makes a Good Legal Copywriter?

So, you want to hire a copywriter to help attract clients and highlight your law firm’s best attributes? That’s great! But wait – how do you know that a copywriter is right for the job? After all, you are trusting this person with information about your site and practice, and are trusting that they will […]

Why It Is Absolutely Vital To Optimize Your Site For Mobile

Your website is your digital marketing home base. It contains everything someone should need to know about working with your law firm. A strong legal website should provide education, a clear way to contact your company, and compelling reasons for why you are the right fit for someone’s legal needs. A stronger website is easy […]