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DeepL Translate Beats Google Translate (and everyone else) for Spanish

Like many Google products, Google Translate is the industry leader in its category. Millions of people use it because, well, it’s a Google product. But, surprise! Google Translate isn’t the most powerful free Spanish translation tool on the internet. DeepL Translate is. “One key distinction between Google Translate and DeepL is that Google tends to […]

Google Ads are getting more costly in 2024, however bilingual video ads may save the day

During a recent federal antitrust trial, Jerry Dischler – a Google Ads executive – claimed the following: 1. The search engine “frequently” increases ad costs by 5% for most advertisers2. The search engine tends to not tell advertisers of price hikes3. The search engine tweaks these ad auctions to meet revenue targets While Google Ads […]

Welcome more Hispanic Clients without speaking Spanish!

Despite making up nearly 20% of the United States population, only 5.8% of lawyers are Hispanic. This leaves a substantial market gap between Hispanic demand for legal services, and practices that can effectively serve them. And savvy law firms across the nation have recognized a lucrative trend that goes against all expectations: You don’t need […]

Here Are 3 Marketing Factors To Consider During The Holidays

1. Anticipating Ad Spend Trends As the holiday season kicks into gear, you can expect both major retailers and other organizations of all sizes to start pumping their ads like no tomorrow. This will result in a sharp increase in bids across all sectors and keywords on Facebook. Given the increase in theft, DUI, and […]

3 Reasons Spanish Ads Yield Higher ROI and Farther Reach for Law Firms

Businesses, including law firms all over the nation are increasing in marketing sophistication. This means much higher ad costs for the same or even worse results. Just look at these statistics according to Forbes*: Facebook ad costs have increased 89% TikTok’s ad costs have soared a whopping 92% Though smaller, Snapchat ads can still reach […]

5 Actionable Strategies to Build Spanish-Ready Websites

1. Avoiding the Cardinal Sin of Spanish-Ready Websites Do NOT use Google translate or other machine translators to turn your English website into a Spanish website. If there’s any piece of advice that you walk away with from this newsletter, it’s this one.  At its core, building a Spanish-ready website is NOT a translation exercise– […]

Growth Stats: Factors For Law Firms Looking to Grow In 2024

Major trends in the U.S. economy and population point to an increasing demand for legal services that could have your firm blasting past your competitors in 2024. Utilized correctly, these statistics can not only inform strategies for new revenue streams, but open the gates to an untapped goldmine all across the U.S. Despite meteoric growths […]

The Insightful Observation: Hispanics are the second largest demographic in illinois, and the market has historically been underserved by legal professionals.

 The Insightful Observation: Hispanics are the second largest demographic in Illinois, and this market has historically been underserved by legal professionals.  This demographic represents a massive buying power that is still largely untapped, despite the low cost and ease of client acquisition.  Given the critical reforms, it becomes exponentially impactful for Illinois Hispanics to have legal […]