10 Attorney Marketing Strategies to Try in 2023

10 Attorney Marketing Strategies to Try Now

Get Your Firm Seen in 2023 with These Marketing Strategies Whether you run a solo firm or a large law practice, you must remain invested in your marketing to continue bringing in new leads and bolstering your local reputation. While marketing budgets may vary, the fundamental strategies of successful digital marketing remain the same. In […]

Who’s Looking for You? Search Tips For Bilingual Clients

Unlike other professional services, people searching online for legal help typically are not looking to celebrate a happy occasion. Potential legal clients normally search during times of crisis. Aside from coming into big money like a lottery, people who need a lawyer need answers and immediate relief (for instance, posting bail and appearing before a […]

Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Law Firm

5 ways to make your law firm stand out from the competition When it comes to legal representation, consumers have a lot of choices. Most are bombarded with ads for attorneys on TV, online, and while driving by billboards. If you want consumers to choose you for their legal needs, you need a way to […]

Tips for Effective SMS Legal Marketing

Everywhere you look, there are people engrossed in their mobile devices. Increasingly, consumers are using their mobile devices instead of a computer to surf the web and look up businesses they may need to hire. As a result, most businesses that have websites have had to find ways to reach consumers on their digital level […]

What Makes a Good Legal Copywriter?

So, you want to hire a copywriter to help attract clients and highlight your law firm’s best attributes? That’s great! But wait – how do you know that a copywriter is right for the job? After all, you are trusting this person with information about your site and practice, and are trusting that they will […]

Why It Is Absolutely Vital To Optimize Your Site For Mobile

Your website is your digital marketing home base. It contains everything someone should need to know about working with your law firm. A strong legal website should provide education, a clear way to contact your company, and compelling reasons for why you are the right fit for someone’s legal needs. A stronger website is easy […]

10 Rules for Making Compelling Video Content for Your Website

Video content is a powerful way to engage your audience, and it can be an easy way to separate yourself from the competitors who only use stock images and text on their websites. As an attorney, you can make videos on a variety of topics. Like we discussed in this piece on creating high quality […]

The Top 6 Habits of Successful Law Firms

Do you want to run your own law firm one day? Maybe you already do. But if you aren’t emulating habits of success from other proven firms, you’re liable to screw things up. Through our experience with working alongside practitioners of all types, we’ve noticed some consistent habits of highly successful law firms that set […]

5 Legal Website Design Tips

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through a website, frustrated by how difficult it is to use? Maybe it doesn’t load quickly enough. Maybe the images are blurry or don’t fit properly on your phone screen. Maybe the navigation makes no sense. Whatever the reason, it’s frustrating enough to make you want to throw your […]

How to Convert Your Legal Clients with Email Marketing

convert clients w legal email marketing

These days, everyone’s trying to get your attention through email. Whether it’s someone you met at a legal conference asking about connections in your area, your mother emailing you again about the next family vacation, or an e-newsletter from a store you bought an item of clothing from—it can get exhausting to deal with all […]