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3 TERRIFYING marketing stats if you're still only advertising in English

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🚨Beware, attorneys: 3 TERRIFYING marketing stats (if you’re still only advertising in English)

If you don’t like change, you may not like irrelevance either.” -Rishad Tobaccowala, business expert/author*

Let’s dive right into it:

1. 🇺🇸 For the first time ever, the 2020 U.S. Census reported that the nation’s white population (non-Hispanic) decreased by 5 million people. That’s 3% of the entire country. That’s a lot less of (mostly) English speakers to which you can advertise. The U.S. Hispanic population, however, grew by over 11 million (23%+ increase). And attorneys still think what we do is “niche.” For shame! 😉

2. 🤳According to the Pew Research Center, 94% of Hispanics depend on their mobile phones for internet access (compared to 85% of the general market, as most of the general market has more readily accessible broadband internet). Congrats if you’re already advertising in Spanish. However, we will strip you of these congratulations if the majority of your ads aren’t Spanish mobile ads!

3. 📲 Over 90% of U.S. Hispanics have Facebook, Instagram, and/or WhatsApp on their phones (SaberResponder), compared to 70% of the general market. Spooky stuff if you’re not customizing social media ads in Spanish catered to your local Hispanic market.

The U.S. changed a lot in the last decade. However, there is tremendous opportunity for those who embrace it.

*Quote pulled from this phenomenal Hispanic marketing book by Isaac Mizrahi

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