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Build A Brand Or Buy Your Leads? Offering Your Legal Services To The Hispanic Market

When it comes to promoting your firm within the U.S. Hispanic market, there are two popular approaches most attorneys consider. You can either: 
1) build a brand or 2) buy your leads.

Should you invest in building your brand organically, or opt for the convenience of purchasing leads?
Which strategy works best?

Let’s explore these marketing strategies together to find the best fit for your practice.

Paying for Qualified Hispanic Leads 

“I’m looking for new clients ASAP. What if I just pay for qualified Hispanic leads?”

To some lawyers, buying leads may sound like a no-brainer, thanks to the existence of so many lead generation platforms.

These services provide immediate leads looking for lawyers in your desired geographic area at the click of a button. You can buy leads at any time, with no extra effort, so long as you’re willing to pay a premium price.

While buying leads may be immediate, the downside of this shortcut is that you also immediately stop getting new leads once you stop paying. The economics of buying leads can result in high cost and low ROI, especially for smaller law firms that don’t have massive intake staff and cannot work on low margins.

Building Your Brand in the Hispanic Market

“Why should I brand myself for the Spanish-speaking demographic?”

1. You can establish your legal expertise in both English and Spanish.
Bilingual marketing allows you to expand your reach to a broader audience. This not only increases your firm’s visibility but also enables you to engage with potential clients in their preferred language.
By strategically tailoring your marketing messages to Hispanics to resonate with their cultural nuances, you can establish deeper connections and foster stronger engagement.

2. You’ll reach potential Hispanic clients where their attention lives to become their ‘go-to attorney’.
Research shows that Hispanics rank higher than all other groups for using social media — including Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, with most preferring mobile apps to browsers or desktops. You can reach potential clients by creating content that fits their preferences and speaks (quite literally) to their unique legal needs in their language.

Hispanics are also known for referring their favorite services to their friends and family. By creating content in your client’s language preference, your firm can become their top-of-mind brand when it comes to legal service providers.

Can you imagine how a potential client would react to a raving review of your services presented in Spanish?

3.You would cater to a market that’s greatly under-lawyered and under-communicated by most legal service providers in the U.S.

A 2022 Hispanic Report by Claritas highlighted that Hispanics are under-banked, under-insured, and under-marketed while spending more than non-Hispanic households in many categories.

Although many U.S. Hispanics speak both English and Spanish, most prefer to communicate in their native language. 41.7 million Hispanics in this country speak Spanish as a first language while 24% of U.S. Hispanic adults say they can only carry a conversation in Spanish.

Your current Hispanic clients may speak English, but you might be missing out on the large proportion of the U.S. Hispanic population that doesn’t.

You can read more about the Opportunities for Legal Business Growth In the Hispanic and Latino Community in the paper authored by our Founder, Hugo Gomez.

Most often, successful law firms have multiple marketing channels and buy leads as needed, in addition to their firm’s main marketing real estate. Think of buying leads as something that should be a supplementary lead source, not a primary source. Whether you are a large, mid-size, smaller law firm or a solo practitioner, building your own marketing channels just makes much more sense.

Ultimately, having a bilingual brand can position you as a go-to legal service provider within the Hispanic community, both online and in your local area. An online presence not only facilitates lead generation but also presents opportunities for scalable paid advertising efforts that can effectively convert prospects into clients.

Hispanic legal marketing can be a game-changer for your law firm. Top firms are already distinguishing themselves as bilingual brands. Our members have even seen an increase of up to +50% more clients when they began marketing their legal service to the Hispanic market. 

Don’t miss out on the massive opportunity to serve Spanish-speaking clients.

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