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Community Management Strategies For Law Firms Serving Hispanic Bilingual Clients

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Community Management Strategies For Law Firms Serving Hispanic Bilingual Clients

Community management is building and nurturing a brand’s community across multiple channels. It’s similar to social media management, but the aim is to gain a following of potential Hispanic clients on multiple forums and, ultimately, convert them into paying law clients.

To manage a community effectively, you have to do the following:

1) Identify who your community is.

Perhaps you may remember our previous blog post “How To Build Knowledge About Your Local Hispanic Community“. If you practice injury law, your community might be Hispanic laborers of prime working age. If you practice immigration law, your community might be Hispanic families. The nuances of your community determine where you should manage your community and how you should manage it. 

2) Identify your community channels.

Younger Hispanic clients are more inclined to follow newer social media channels such as TikTok and Instagram. Older Hispanic clients are more inclined to follow older channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp.

3) Ask your audience what type of content they want to see.

That’s right: Ask them! Find out what they want to see from you. Do they want free law tips? Do they want to know updates to your area of law? Do they want to learn more about your law office? Ask the community what it wants to see and produce relevant content accordingly!

4) Tweak your messaging based on feedback.

Engage your audience by asking for comments on everything possible…and ask for feedback about everything you produce. Are you producing what the audience wants? Could you better explain some things? Could you interact with the community better? Engage your community to find out!

5) Define success and tweak your community management accordingly.

Ultimately, all of the Hispanic law marketing you do is to grow your base of prospective Hispanic clients. But how do you define the success of your community management? Should you strive for a number of likes? Should you aim for a number of comments? Should you focus on the quality of interactions with community members? Which of these metrics best grows your base of potential Hispanic clients? Play around with the numbers and adjust accordingly.

Make sure to build and nurture your law brand’s community across multiple channels so you can get a leg up on your competition and convert more prospective Hispanic clients!

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