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Unlock More Clients FREE: Remarket To Your Hispanic Clients

Remarketing–engaging audiences who have already interacted with your brand–is a great way to make sure your firm stays in the forefront of the minds of former Hispanic clients and potential Hispanic clients.

According to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Hispanics are more brand-loyal than their non-Hispanic compatriots and are more likely than other demographics to refer customers to businesses they like. By staying in the forefront of the minds of former and potential Hispanic clients through remarketing, your law firm–your legal brand–can earn their future business as well as the business of people they refer.

You can stay in the forefront of former Hispanic clients’ and potential Hispanic clients’ minds by remarketing in a few different ways:

On social media and streaming video platforms, you can use targeted ads that speak directly to Hispanics who have already engaged with your content. More than 85% of Hispanics use social media and consume more streaming video than any other demographic…remarketing on social media and video platforms just makes sense. You can tailor your social media and streaming video ads depending on what kinds of content they’ve engaged with and the ways in which they’ve engaged with it.

On mobile messaging apps, you can reconnect with previous Hispanic clients or leads by sending them personalized messages in Spanish. Over 90% of foreign-born Hispanics use WhatsApp, often in lieu of SMS texting. WhatsApp is a free, powerful platform with tremendous reach in the Hispanic community…use it to remarket! You might want to say hello to a former client and see how they’ve been doing, or you might want to offer assistance to a potential new client.

On email, you can send your Hispanic contacts health-related news they can use or, better yet, use the emails to promote blogs on your website on which they can find content of interest. According to Litmus, email marketing drives $36 for every dollar spent…that’s a tremendous ROI! Remember, there’s a huge opportunity cost associated with not using your email contact list!

With client referral incentives, you can convince existing Hispanic contacts to refer you to their friends or family members. As noted previously, Hispanics are more likely to give referrals than other demographics…if you sweeten the deal with incentives such as discounts on legal services, you can increase the probability of a conversion. Make sure to create personalized referral codes or links to track the referrals!

Remarketing to warm leads is almost always more effective than trying to earn the business of new leads. Don’t leave money on the table; start remarketing to Hispanics today!

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Unlock More Clients FREE: Remarket To Your Hispanic Clients

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