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Marketing To A Narrow Hispanic Audience May Result In Higher Engagement Rates

The English-speaking legal market is saturated, and the majority of attorneys are fighting a race to the bottom for it. For this reason, the price of marketing for attorneys has been rising across the board while engagement levels from potential clients have been decreasing. .

The narrow Hispanic legal market, on the other hand, offers abundant opportunities for attorneys. According to the Hispanic Marketing Council, only 6% of total ad spend is on Hispanic marketing despite the fact that Hispanics make up 20% of the U.S. population.

For this reason, Hispanic legal marketing yields much higher engagement and ROI. Consider the following stats from Google:

  • Google Ads campaigns in Spanish have a 5.7% higher clickthrough rate than campaigns in English.
  • Google Ads campaigns in Spanish have a 70% lower cost per click than campaigns in English!

Google Ads in Spanish get better engagement, and Google Ads is just one platform through which the benefit of marketing to the narrow Hispanic audience shines bright. According to Neilsen, Hispanics engage more with culturally-attuned marketing than any other demographic. Consider the following:

  • 84% of Hispanics say they favor brands that play a positive role in their community.
  • 63% of Hispanics say they’re more likely to buy from brands that feature people like them in their advertising.

By marketing to Hispanics in a culturally-resonant manner, you get more engagement from your marketing at a much lower cost. Some noteworthy Hispanic engagement statistics regarding social media:

  • 48% of Hispanics use Instagram regularly compared to 36% of non-Hispanics.
  • Hispanics are 33% more likely to patronize businesses they see advertised on social media compared to 20% of non-Hispanics.
  • 28% of Hispanic consumers are more likely to connect with brands through social media.

The English-speaking market may be saturated for attorneys, but the Spanish-language market offers plenty of opportunities for engagement. If you aren’t marketing to Hispanics in Spanish, you’re missing out.

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