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Illustration of a phone tree with English and Spanish menu options.

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Quit Losing $$$ And Hispanic Clients To Multilingual Phone Trees

Quit Losing Hispanic Clients To Multilingual Phone Trees

If you don’t have a dedicated number for Spanish speakers, then you might as well forget about converting a lot of your potential Hispanic clients by phone. Using a bilingual or multilingual phone tree, as so many law firms do, is a sure-fire way to lose business.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, most Spanish speakers will end a phone call if they aren’t given menu options in Spanish in the first 15 seconds. If you’re serious about retaining new Hispanic clients, then you need to get a dedicated number for Spanish speakers.

As we noted in a previous blog, your law firm should have a dedicated Spanish-language website, not just a rote translation of its English-language site. The website should feature content specially tailored for your potential Hispanic clients and provide contact information in Spanish, including a dedicated Spanish-language phone number. That way, you have a seamless Spanish-language client funnel from entry point to intake call.

It’s not difficult or expensive to get a dedicated Spanish-language phone number these days: Toll free numbers start at less than $20/month, and virtual assistants, which Abogados NOW has discussed extensively are also quite affordable. What’s more, if you already have a Spanish-speaker on staff, you can use a free Google Voice number for your Spanish-speaking leads.

There’s no reason to lose Hispanic leads due to a “press (number) for Spanish” phone tree. Don’t get fooled by the dime-a-dozen bilingual and multilingual phone tree services out there. By getting a dedicated Spanish-language number you can start tracking and converting more Hispanic clients effectively.

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