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The Power Of Culturally-Relevant Ads In The Hispanic Market

Culturally-relevant pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns can be tremendously-effective means of gaining new Hispanic clients. Consider the following:

  • 88% of digital-using Hispanics pay attention to online ads that are tailored to their cultural preferences.
  • Only 4 in 10 Hispanics feel very understood by brands.
  • Culturally-relevant ads boost purchase intent by an average of 5x.

You can make your campaigns culturally-relevant to your Hispanic audience by taking the following into consideration:

1) Regional differences.

The heritage of Hispanics residing in different parts of the country varies tremendously. For example, the majority of Hispanics in Southern California are of Mexican descent, while the majority of Hispanics in South Florida are of Caribbean and South American descent. The descent of your audience determines what resonates with them.

2) Generational differences.

Older Hispanics generally prefer to be addressed more formally than non-Hispanics of any age. Younger Hispanics, on the other hand, generally prefer a more casual tone. By considering your audience’s age, you can communicate with them in their preferred tone.

3) Gender differences.

Older Hispanics generally appreciate verbiage tailored to traditional gender roles. Younger Hispanics generally appreciate verbiage that’s tailored to nontraditional genders as well as traditional genders. You can gain the Hispanics community’s trust by speaking as someone who understands the communication preferences of different genders.

Abogados NOW is a team of experts in the cultural preferences of the U.S. Hispanic population. Contact us today to ensure that your Hispanic PPC campaigns are culturally-relevant and successful.

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