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Your Firm Needs a Charismatic, Spanish-Speaking Video and Social Media Spokesperson

U.S. Hispanics are more frequent consumers of video content than other ethnic groups, they’re more likely to connect their mobile devices to streaming services, and their purchasing decisions are more likely to be influenced by social media. It’s worth reiterating the stats we cited in a previous blog post:

According to Nielsen, Hispanics spend 13% more time consuming streaming content than the general market.

According to Portada, Hispanics are 17% more likely to connect their devices to TV streaming apps like YouTube than the general market.

According to Entrevision, 60% of Hispanics say that social media influences their purchasing decisions – 11% higher than the general market.

In order to achieve success when marketing to Hispanics, it’s imperative that you use a trusted Spanish-speaking spokesperson to represent your brand in videos and on social media.

Your spokesperson doesn’t have to be a well-known influencer…in fact, it can be a charismatic Spanish speaker from your own firm or a charismatic Spanish-speaker who’s familiar with–or can quickly learn–your industry.

If you don’t have anyone who fits the bill in-house, you’ll obviously have to find someone externally. Abogados NOW can help you with this…our knowledgeable staff has created video and social media content on behalf of numerous firms like yours.

But if you’d like to hire someone yourself, you might consider looking online and expanding your search to include Spanish-speaking talent in foreign countries, where labor is less expensive.

Simple Google searches in Spanish such as producción de video, actores freelance, influencers freelance español and gestión de redes sociales bring up a wide-variety of foreign individuals and agencies that specialize in video and social media representation. You can also find plenty of spokespeople using English-language terms with the word “Spanish” added: Spanish video production, Spanish freelance actors, Spanish freelance influencers, and Spanish social media management, although many of the results will be from the U.S., where labor is more expensive. In order to get more results outside of the U.S., you can add the names of Spanish-speaking nations or change your region in the settings.

Freelance talent sites such as Backstage, Upwork, and Fiverr can also help you find the video and social media talent you need. Each of the platforms allows you to search by keywords…you can browse talent using the aforementioned terms. Upwork and Fiverr are particularly good sources of quality video and social media talent in foreign countries who work for less.

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