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3 Reasons Spanish Ads Yield Higher ROI and Farther Reach for Law Firms

Businesses, including law firms all over the nation are increasing in marketing sophistication. 

This means much higher ad costs for the same or even worse results.

Just look at these statistics according to Forbes*:

  • Facebook ad costs have increased 89% 
  • TikTok’s ad costs have soared a whopping 92%
  • Though smaller, Snapchat ads can still reach a respectable 557 million people globally, and their ad costs have gone up 64%

However, these statistics are largely only relevant to English ads. Strictly speaking, desirable English ads and English-speaking demographics are getting overwhelmed by all this noise.

By comparison, Spanish marketing via ad channels has notably managed to stay more stable and accessible.

This divergence offers a unique opportunity, especially for law firms, to connect authentically with a community that makes up 20% of the U.S. population.

Less Competition, Lower Costs

One of the immediate benefits of Spanish ads is the reduced competition in bidding for keywords.

Terms such as “Abogados de inmigración cerca de mí” (lawyers near me) are not only more affordable, but also face significantly less competition than their English counterparts. 

This cost-efficiency isn’t just about saving money. It’s about smarter spending. 

By targeting these Spanish keywords, law firms can efficiently allocate their marketing budgets, ensuring higher visibility at a lower cost.

The low costs also allow law firms to conduct awareness campaigns alongside targeted conversion campaigns. Study up on your local Hispanic community to better understand their most pressing legal needs and cultural nuances.

Lawyers can use this information to display ads targeting those legal concerns (in Spanish of course) to draw in leads. Simultaneously, they can run Spanish ads targeting the cultural nuances of their local Hispanic community to spread awareness.

This way, you get the folks who are searching for your specific law services and the offline word of mouth recommendations you’d get from spreading general awareness.

Law Firms: Speak Their Language, Win Their Hearts

Hispanic consumers in the U.S. often show a deep connection to their cultural roots.

A Nielsen report indicated that 60% of English-speaking Hispanics feel more connected to businesses that utilize Spanish in their communications. 

For law firms, this isn’t just about language, but about showcasing cultural competence and empathy. English marketing for lawyers often focuses on highlighting successful cases and professional pedigree. 

However, Spanish marketing should pivot towards demonstrating cultural understanding and bilingual capabilities. It’s not just about proving your legal prowess, but showing you are a neighbor ingrained in and sympathetic to the Hispanic community’s unique challenges and experiences.

Spanish ads make it very clear that you are one of the few firms, and possibly the only local firm, offering Spanish-ready services. The result? Huge shares of the market for your local Hispanic community. 

An Audience Waiting for a Firm Like Yours

The U.S. Hispanic population is massive, sitting at nearly 20% of the total population.

However, they tend to be heavily underrepresented by legal services. Only 5.8% of all attorneys are Hispanic, creating an environment where demand for legal services is high, but supply is low.

Chances are that your local Hispanic population is not only significant, but also actively seeking legal representation. 

With the Hispanic demographic’s purchasing power expected to exceed $2.5 trillion in the next two years, law firms should strike now to break into this market. 

To effectively tap this market, lawyers ought to delve into the specific cultural nuances of their local Hispanic community. Law firms should craft messages that resonate deeply, establishing a connection that transcends mere legal counsel and ventures into lasting community rapport.

This market is so underserved, that if you lay out the red carpet, the clients will come.

Attorney Rapid-Fire Considerations Before Tapping into the Market

Keyword Optimization: Focus on long-tail, culturally relevant keywords that address the specific legal needs and search behaviors of the Hispanic community. A skilled Google Ads expert can help you with both relevant keywords and SEO visibility.

Cultural Tailoring: Understand the various cultural nuances, values, and legal challenges faced by the Hispanic community in your area. This insight should inform all advertising content, from visuals to messaging tone. Your law firm should consider partnering with Hispanic owned businesses and participating in events to better connect.

Content Localization: Mere translation of English content into Spanish is not enough. Your firm’s content should be localized to reflect the local dialects, slangs, and cultural references. We recommend hiring a bilingual employee or copywriter who can help you navigate these waters.

Community Engagement: Establish your firm as a community player. Participate in local Hispanic events and collaborate with influential community leaders. Even consider sponsoring local high school sports teams or sports leagues. This will firmly cement your firm as a go-to resource for legal assistance, making people more likely to reach out to you when they see your ads.

Use of Social Media and Local Channels: Your law firm can also leverage platforms where the Hispanic community is active. Local Spanish-speaking radio stations, TV channels, and social media groups can be particularly effective. 

82 percent of Hispanic adults are on mobile, so having a robust, bilingual social media presence can really boost your signals. Think of your law firm’s social media profiles as amplifiers for your ad spend. Having social visibility goes a long way in stretching your pennies.

Analyzing and Adapting: Your law firm should constantly analyze the performance of your Spanish ad campaigns. Use data-driven insights to tweak and optimize your approach continuously. Ads are an ever-evolving beast. Make sure to tweak them on a regular basis to get the most bang for your buck.

As competing law firms start to ramp up ad spend, the more you’ll have to spend to get the same results you were getting before.

Spanish-language advertising presents not just an escape from that clutter, but a strategic avenue to meaningful and profitable connections between your firm and the Hispanic community. 

With careful planning, empathetic communication, and cultural understanding, Spanish ads could be the secret weapon for forward-thinking law firms.

*Statistics data referenced from: How Marketers Are Fighting Rising Ad Costs (forbes.com)

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