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Mistakes Attorneys Make When Partnering With A Hispanic Legal Marketing Agency

Partnering with a Hispanic legal marketing agency is one of the best business moves you can make. Avoid the following mistakes to get the highest ROI from your relationship with them:

1) Not Attending Feedback Calls Regularly

On our feedback calls with you, we determine which of the calls we bring you convert clients or generate retainers. It’s important that we review the quality of your calls so we can make campaign adjustments on your behalf. Remember, our marketing strategy evolves over time according to your feedback.

2) Not Answering Calls In Spanish

The qualified leads we send your firm are going to hang up if they aren’t able to speak with someone in Spanish immediately. It’s integral that your firm answers all calls from Spanish speakers in Spanish.

Most Spanish callers will hang up if their calls aren’t answered in Spanish in the first 15 seconds. If your marketing campaign is in Spanish but you answer calls in English, there’s a breakdown of trust.

3) Not Having Bilingual Staff

You need a natively bilingual staff for everything from intake calls to discussing case information. Someone who is just conversational in Spanish doesn’t cut it. You need a 100% bilingual staff to build client relationships with Hispanics over time.

4) Not Adapting To Changes

We provide lots of valuable legal marketing information tailored for your law firm that effectively engages the Hispanic community. However, if your firm doesn’t implement the valuable info, you may be leaving money on the table. Partnering firms have to be open to suggestions and willing to make changes in order to maximize the effectiveness of their Hispanic marketing campaigns.

5) Not Sharing Important Firm Information

In order for us to generate the highest ROI possible from the Hispanic marketing campaigns we create for you, we need as much background information about your firm as possible. What are your firm’s strengths and weaknesses? Who are your firm’s primary competitors? How are Hispanic clients engaging with you? This is critical information for any marketing relationship.

By avoiding the above 5 mistakes, you can maximize your relationship with your Hispanic legal marketing firm and generate the highest ROI possible for your Hispanic legal marketing campaigns.

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