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DeepL Translate Beats Google Translate (and everyone else) for Spanish

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DeepL Translate Beats Google Translate (and everyone else) for Spanish

Like many Google products, Google Translate is the industry leader in its category. Millions of people use it because, well, it’s a Google product.

But, surprise! Google Translate isn’t the most powerful free Spanish translation tool on the internet. DeepL Translate is.

“One key distinction between Google Translate and DeepL is that Google tends to translate word by word, whereas Deepl conveys the message in a more native way, giving it a natural flow. As a native Spanish speaker, DeepL’s translations read as if they were originally written in Spanish.” – Carol Apaestegui, Social Media Manager.

DeepL Translate is an AI tool created by Linguee that translates 31 languages using a supercomputer that reaches an eye-watering 5.1 petaflops. (In layman’s terms, that’s quadrillions of computations per second). According to a study conducted by the University of Cologne, this powerhouse of computing is the most accurate translation tool available for Spanish and most other commonly-spoken languages.

Like many of the web’s most powerful apps, DeepL Translate runs on a freemium model…you have to pay for extras such as direct document translation (whereby you just upload a document, press a button, and get the translation). However, if all you need to do is translate pages of text into Spanish and you don’t mind copying and pasting the content, then DeepL Translate is absolutely the best way to go.

As an aside, online dictionaries can be valuable tools for looking up single words and learning simple phrases. SpanishDict even offers verb conjugation trees and audio pronunciation assistance. But online dictionaries are dictionaries…DeepL Translate is a literal and figurative translation machine.

Google Translate may be more popular than DeepL Translate, but Linguee’s supercomputer behemoth beats Alphabet’s ubiquitous translation product for Spanish. What’s more, DeepL Translate is expanding its service offerings to include Spanish translations by images and audio.

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