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Are You Leveraging Your Firm’s Positive Client Interactions and Digital Channels to Get More Referrals?

Referrals have traditionally been the lifeblood of law firms. 

And while there’s no doubt about their value, there’s an entire world of untapped potential waiting for you beyond simple referrals.

The Double-Edged Sword of Referrals


🟢 Built on Trust: Referrals come from satisfied clients or colleagues who’ve witnessed your expertise first-hand.

🟢 Lower Acquisition Costs: Acquiring a client via referral often costs significantly less than other channels.


🔴 Limited Scale: Solely relying on referrals restricts your firm’s growth potential.

🔴 Less Control: Referral volume can be inconsistent and largely out of your control.

🔴 Narrowed Reach: By limiting yourself to referrals, you miss out on a broader audience that may need your services who may also be open to working with any attorney.

Venturing Beyond Referrals: Our Top 5 Recommendations 

TIP 1: When a client expresses satisfaction, seize the moment and request a review while they’re still in your office or during a virtual consultation meeting.

This is the best time as the positive experience with your firm’s services is fresh in your client’s mind. Their memory of the experience is vivid, making it more likely they will write a detailed and positive review.

Requesting a review immediately also allows you to receive instant feedback. If your client has any concerns, addressing them promptly can turn a potentially negative review into a positive one.

This also shows that you value your client’s opinion. This gesture can enhance your firm’s customer loyalty, as clients appreciate businesses that care about their feedback.

TIP 2: Invite your client to use this opportunity to capture a memorable photograph together or to join you in producing a quick video.

You don’t need an elaborate production crew or expensive equipment; all you need is your phone and good natural light.

The photograph and video create a personal connection between your client and your practice. It humanizes your brand and establishes a relationship beyond the transactional nature of the business.

Keep in mind photographs and videos shot in a natural environment, like your office, feel authentic and genuine. They provide a real glimpse into your law business and the positive interactions with your clients, fostering trust.

Videos may also enable your clients to better convey their emotions and enthusiasm, creating a more impactful impression than traditional written testimonials. Videos offer highly engaging content; prospective clients are more inclined to watch a brief video than read a lengthy written recommendation.

TIP 3: Show your appreciation by giving your clients a branded takeaway item, like a magnet, tech gadget, or baby toy, featuring your practice’s logo or message.

When your clients use these items in their daily lives, your firm comes to their minds to reaffirm you as the go-to entity for legal assistance. Your clients’ friends and family may also see these branded items, increasing your firm’s visibility and potentially attracting new clients.

TIP 4: Be sure to obtain your clients’ consent to share their content across platforms.

Digital content from your satisfied clients adds authenticity to your firm’s online presence. It shows that real people have had positive experiences with your team, building trust among new potential customers. Other active clients may also relate to these experiences, leading to increased engagement on your digital channels.

Seeking consent before sharing your content, builds trust between you and your clients. Transparent communication about how their content will be used fosters trust and establishes an honest relationship.

TIP 5: Motivate your law firm’s entire client-facing team to engage in these steps, as they also provide exceptional service.

Consider offering commissions tied to positive customer reviews or overall customer satisfaction scores. Offer non-financial incentives such as extra time off, flexible work hours, team outings, or special recognition events for achieving exceptional service goals.

This will create a more robust and positive experience for your clients, offering them strong support and satisfaction. Happy clients are more likely to talk about their experiences with friends and family, leading to more word-of-mouth referrals.

By making your clients feel heard, and understood it can be the difference between a one-time consultation and ensuring client lifelong loyalty for your firm.

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