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Google Ads are getting more costly in 2024, however bilingual video ads may save the day

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Google Ads are getting more costly in 2024, however bilingual video ads may save the day

During a recent federal antitrust trial, Jerry Dischler – a Google Ads executive – claimed the following:

1. The search engine “frequently” increases ad costs by 5% for most advertisers
2. The search engine tends to not tell advertisers of price hikes
3. The search engine tweaks these ad auctions to meet revenue targets

While Google Ads are still an effective source of getting more clients, it’s likely to come with slimmer margins moving forward.

Good news: There are more ways to get cases beyond Google Ads, though it will require your office to flex its bilingual talents.

Spanish social media video and streaming video ads are the hedge that the savviest firms have been leveraging for a competitive edge.

The new data is astonishing:

– According to Nielsen, Hispanics spent 13% more time consuming streaming content than the general market.

– According to Portada, Hispanics are 17% more likely to have connected TV streaming apps like YouTube on their devices than the general market.

– According to Entrevision, 60% of Hispanics say that social media influences their purchasing decisions – 11% higher than the general market.

In summary:

1. Google Ads is here to stay, however it is a good time to consider budget reallocation considering recent revelations.

2. Hispanic adults love streaming video more than the general market, so it’s time to regularly shoot videos in Spanish (if you don’t speak Spanish, feature a bilingual member of your team!)

3. Hispanic adults put a lot of trust in social media, which indicates that your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok presence can quickly generate new revenue above and beyond what you’ve already forecasted.

2024 is just weeks away.

It’s time to make some moves.

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