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How to Create Honest and Authentic Messaging

Once upon a time, marketing and advertising consisted of flashy images and catchy jingles. Everyone watched the same TV channels and read the same papers. Today, web-based news sources and social media have created widely dispersed audiences. Advertising exists on every platform, and users have gotten very good at ignoring shallow and cloying ads. The only way to break through the noise today is to build an honest and authentic connection with your audience.


People want to work with companies they believe in, so to convert impressions into viewers and leads into customers, you will have to get real. The good news is that authenticity is pretty easy to achieve. Before your firm publishes anything, it should pass the litmus test of “Is this honest?”. 


For example, you should never guarantee positive results since the outcome of most cases is not entirely within your control. Instead, you can promise to give 100% to every client and illuminate the fact that most of your clients have enjoyed good outcomes. Here are simple ways to achieve honesty and authenticity in your messaging:


  • Introduce your team. Legal cases often involve deeply personal matters. Potential clients are not going to want to work with an impersonal organization. Make it a point to introduce your team members on your website, and not just the partners. Introduce everyone that a client may interact with so that they already feel like they know your team when they call your firm.
  • Share testimonials from real clients. Testimonials can go a long way because prospects can relate to your past clients. Third-party validation is always more credible than anything positive you say about yourself. 
  • Don’t be afraid to emote. If something happens that you feel strongly about, then don’t be scared to show emotion in your response. For example, let’s say you secure a significant settlement for a client that sets them up for life. Don’t just discuss the outcome as a financial victory. Instead, let yourself have a human reaction and tell your audience that outcomes like this are why you got into law and work hard to achieve the same results for everyone.

Authenticity in messaging is the best way to ensure that you make an impact with your marketing.

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