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It’s important to attract new Hispanic clients to cultivate brand identity. That is why law firm sports sponsorship is a wonderful opportunity

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Law Firm Sports Sponsorship: A Wonderful Opportunity to Market to Hispanics

Law Firm Sports Sponsorship A Wonderful Opportunity

In the digital age of today, it’s important for law firms that are trying to attract new Hispanic clients to cultivate their own Spanish brand identity and devote a significant amount of resources to digital marketing. That said, there still exist effective traditional marketing outlets where you can leverage your Spanish brand; sports sponsorship is among the most effective of them!

Hispanics are known to love soccer, and there are countless marketing opportunities in soccer in the U.S. Nearly every metro area with a population of greater than 500,000 has a professional soccer team: Most of the largest metros have a Major League Soccer franchise, and most of the smaller ones have a franchise in the “minor leagues”, such as the USL Championship.

Nearly all professional soccer franchises offer opportunities for stadium signage and in-game promotions. Some of them even offer advertising on their uniforms! 

A couple of notable examples of lawyers advertising with soccer franchises: The Law Offices of Jacob Emrani is a sponsor of the Los Angeles Football Club, and the Deuterman Law Group is a sponsor of the Carolina Core Football Club.

Perhaps the best marketing opportunities in professional soccer in the U.S. are with the Hispanic media that covers the matches: Professional soccer games in the U.S. are almost always broadcast by local Spanish-language media. These days, many Hispanic media outlets even offer streaming coverage of the games!

But law firms don’t have to spend big bucks to advertise with professional soccer leagues; they can also market at soccer games on a smaller scale by purchasing signage and other advertising at local indoor and outdoor soccer leagues.

But soccer isn’t the only sport that offers Hispanic marketing opportunities for attorneys. NFL football has been rising in popularity within the Hispanic community for many years now; it’s the community’s 2nd most popular sport!

Marketing with NFL franchises directly can be prohibitively expensive, but there are plenty of opportunities to capture the NFL’s rising popularity within the Hispanic community through the Hispanic media that covers the league.

U.S. Hispanics are avid sports fans; supplementing your digital marketing mix with traditional marketing through soccer and American football can yield tremendous results!

Law Firm Sports Sponsorship A Wonderful Opportunity

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