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From the founder: Free bilingual marketing ROI tracker (link below)

“In God we trust. All others must bring data” – W. Edwards Deming

I spoke to a criminal defense attorney this morning who asked we track attorneys’ marketing dollars.

I showed him our Bilingual ROI (return on investment) Tracker (everyone who joins Abogados Now gets their own.)

This could save me so many wasted marketing dollars,” he said. “Can I have a copy?”

I sent him a Google Sheet copy (link below), then figured this would be useful to our readers.

If you’re looking to sign more cases, generate more income, and save a ton of marketing dollars, you must be obsessed with this one question:

“For every marketing dollar I spend, how much am I getting in return?”

This tool could make it a lot easier to answer that question: Download the free 2024 bilingual marketing ROI tracker HERE (Note: this will only work if you’re logged into a Gmail account; email me at if you want an Excel copy).

Happy tracking,

Founder & Legal Marketing Strategist
Abogados Now

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