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How a Marketing Agency Can Help Drive Inbound Leads

When asked, most small businesses (and actually, large companies too) say that their most significant marketing priority is lead generation. Generally speaking, the sales funnel consists of four stages: 

  1. Stranger: An unknown person who has had no interaction with your brand. 
  2. Lead: An identified person who may be interested in purchasing if presented with the right information. 
  3. Opportunity: Someone who is engaged with your company and is on the path to purchase. 
  4. Client: A closed deal who is paying for your services. 

The jargon for each stage of the funnel will differ slightly between companies. Ultimately, driving leads into the sales funnel through marketing efforts is a massive priority since leads trickle down into clients who generate revenue.

The thing is, generating quality leads isn’t easy. A quality lead is someone who has expressed interest in your service and has purchasing power. To demonstrate the point, let’s look at an example of an unqualified lead. 

Let’s say that your law firm writes a blog appealing to future law students. Something like “5 Things To Know Before Applying to Law School.” At the bottom of the page, you have a form with a call to action that says, “Want to learn more? Contact us.”. As a result, dozens of students fill out the form and make it into your sales funnel. They are most definitely interested in your business and service but are not actually looking to hire you as an attorney. They are looking to you for education. They will not help generate revenue and do little more than crowding your pipeline.

In contrast, a marketing agency can help to generate quality leads. Marketing is a full-time job, and while most professionals can and do dip their toe in marketing, they often wind up with lackluster results. It is important to hire a dedicated team of professionals who understand your market and have the time and expertise needed to help grow your firm’s revenue.

Here are three ways that marketing agencies help to drive quality leads:

  1. Marketing agencies keep up a consistent rhythm of content posting. Potential clients want to work with companies they trust, and most consumers today trust companies that offer valuable educational resources. A marketing agency can set up a consistent content posting rhythm so that your firm’s website is always displaying useful information to your target audience. The goal is to become a go-to resource for legal information and a top search result on Google. 
  2. Marketing agencies can help optimize your site, and drive form fills. Sites optimized for search appear at the top of the page when someone conducts a relevant search. If people cannot find you on Google, they will never visit your site and convert into clients. Marketing agencies can help optimize your site and drive people to forms that capture their contact information.
  3. Marketing agencies can manage your social media presence. In order to stay relevant, you must stay top-of-mind with consumers, and most consumers today are active on social media.

Keeping up with all of these strategies takes time, time that you do not have. So if you want to drive leads and create a business, understand that you cannot do it independently.

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How a Marketing Agency Can Help Drive Inbound Leads