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Huge Video Conferencing Capabilities For Attorneys In 2024

Given peoples’ busy schedules, traffic, and the cost of gas, sometimes meeting clients in-person isn’t feasible. Fortunately, video conferencing apps allow attorneys to meet virtually with clients without losing many of the benefits of in-person meetings.

Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet have been enabling attorneys to meet with clients virtually for years. All three of these platforms offer free 1:1 video conferencing without the need to download anything as well as premium features such as video recording and conferencing with multiple parties.

In 2024, attorneys can take advantage of some new platforms that offer capabilities beyond those of the three traditional video conferencing platforms.

Legaler is a conferencing platform that’s specifically-tailored to law firms, with end-to-end encryption and seamless integration with case management apps. Interactio and Wordly offer translation services so attorneys who don’t speak Spanish can communicate with their Spanish-speaking clients.

Like the three traditional video conferencing platforms, the three newcomers to the space offer premium versions with expanded features, including a greater number of users and additional storage.

In 2024, the capabilities of video conferencing apps go beyond that of mere video chat. For some attorneys, the conferencing services provided by the three traditional platforms will continue to be sufficient. For others, the case management integration and translation capabilities of newcomers to the space will prove valuable. Abogadosnow.com

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Huge Video Conferencing Capabilities For Attorneys In 2024