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SOLOs Can Compete With Larger Law Firms Through Hispanic Marketing!

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SOLOs Can Compete With Larger Law Firms Through Hispanic Marketing!

Smaller or solo law firms may think that they’re at a disadvantage for a number of reasons:

  • They don’t have the brand recognition of large law firms
  • They don’t have the marketing budgets of large law firms
  • They don’t have the marketing experience of large law firms

Fortunately, smaller or solo law firms can thrive despite these so-called “disadvantages” by focusing on their personal branding and tapping the wealth of knowledge of an experienced Hispanic legal marketing firm like Abogados NOW.

In terms of brand recognition within the local Hispanic community, being a smaller or solo law firm is actually an advantage. Why? Because, at smaller or solo law firms, you are the brand.

Individuals from smaller or solo law firms can reach high-profile status in the local Hispanic community by engaging with it regularly: frequently attending local Hispanic-oriented events and frequently interacting with individual members of the community, in-person and online. As a smaller or solo law firm, you can be a regular presence at local Hispanic festivals, local Hispanic chamber of commerce meetings, local mobile consulate visits, and more. In time, the community will recognize you; you can take your personal brand to great heights within the community. (Large firms don’t have personal brands.)

As a smaller or solo law firm, you can personally interact with members of the local Hispanic community online through social media and streaming video. You can personally like comments from members of the community and you can personally respond to them. What’s more, you can personally host webinars in which you can provide valuable legal information and show members of the community that you genuinely care for them.

As a smaller or solo law firm, you can be your own brand ambassador by simply being an active member of the community!

As a smaller or solo law firm, you might not have the marketing budget of a large firm. But that’s okay: Marketing in Spanish is much less expensive than marketing in English. Why? Supply and demand…few attorneys market in Spanish, and large firms largely ignore the Hispanic market altogether. There’s less competition for Hispanics’ business, so marketing in Spanish costs less.

You may not have the marketing experience of large, established firms, but you have at your disposal something the large, established firms don’t: the help of an experienced Hispanic legal marketing agency with a long track record of success. At Abogados NOW, we specialize in bringing new Hispanic clients to smaller and solo firms like yours. We offer a la carte marketing services that fit your budget, and we’re experts in all aspects of Hispanic legal marketing: bilingual video creation, bilingual social media management, bilingual web design, and even virtual assistants so you can better serve the new Hispanic clients we bring you.

Abogados NOW’s a la carte Hispanic legal marketing services bring smaller and solo law firms like yours up to a 7x increase on the ROI of their marketing and up to $1 million in new revenue. So don’t worry about the fact that you don’t have the brand recognition, marketing budget, or marketing experience of a large firm! With your personal branding and Abogados NOW’s expert assistance, your firm can absolutely compete with larger firms.

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