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Why You Should Be Texting Your Prospects and Customers

We are willing to bet that your smartphone is within 5 feet of you at this very moment. In fact, many of you are probably reading this article on a mobile device. You are not alone. 

Recent studies have shown that the average smartphone user touches his or her phone more than 2,600 times every day. Our phones have all but become an extension of our limbs. This is true for both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking smartphone users. 

Perhaps this is why SMS text marketing has been proven to be significantly more effective than email marketing. While it is true that every smartphone on the market has email capabilities, the consumer perception that emails are more inaccessible and geared towards business persists.

 Recent research shows that text message open rates are just shy of 100%, while email open rates hover around 20%. These statistics make sense when you consider that text messaging has been historically reserved for people that the phone owner knows and has a personal relationship with. Fortunately for marketers, digital marketing now affords mass SMS communication, which consumers respond very positively to. In fact, 75% of people surveyed said they would be delighted to receive an offer via text message.

So how can your business leverage text messages? 

The first thing to remember is that text messages are meant to be short, yet personal. Consumers are used to getting text messages from people they know, so it is essential to draft text messaging copy with an air of familiarity. SMS is not a suitable format for education or explanations. It is better suited for company announcements, customer offers, and client engagement. It is best to have a reason for the message. A generic reminder that your company exists will not resonate with customers the way a timely piece of communication will. 

At Abogados NOW, we recommend that our customers utilize SMS notifications for limited time offers and significant company announcements. Sending something out via text is a great way to ensure that nearly everyone on your recipient lists sees it. Don’t let your important messages languish in an unopened email folder. Instead, utilize text marketing to stay top of mind with customers in your area.

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Why You Should Be Texting Your Prospects and Customers