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Leverage Bilingual Email and Text to Convert Hispanic Clients

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How To: Leverage Bilingual Email and Text To Convert More Hispanic Legal Clients

In 2024, phone calls alone aren't enough to close a lead.

In fact, it takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect, according to multiple sales research sources. So, if you’re not leveraging emails and text messages to get in touch with potential legal clients, then you’re losing serious momentum in their sales journey.

We’re always exploring the best strategies for engaging with the Hispanic market, from effective lead conversion to the power of remarketing to the importance of bilingual website content.

Now let’s integrate those three content strategies and discuss how your firm can leverage emails and texts to drive conversions and build lasting relationships with your Hispanic clients.

Why Bilingual Legal Content Works To Convert

Bilingual emails and texts offer a personalized touchpoint when connecting with Hispanic clients. This form of communication, also known as “direct response marketing,” aims to elicit an immediate reaction from the customer through calls-to-action (CTAs) such as “Click Here” or “Call Now.”

Direct response marketing delivered in Spanish is particularly effective for engaging with the Hispanic market, as it addresses the linguistic and cultural preferences of Spanish-speaking individuals. A Nielsen report indicated that 60% of English-speaking Hispanics feel more connected to businesses that utilize Spanish in their communications.

This trust-building strategy eliminates language barriers, enhances the overall effectiveness of communication, and increases the likelihood of a positive response from the potential Hispanic legal lead.

Check out this example of a text message from our client that’s a personal injury lawyer.

Which one do you think a Spanish-speaker would be more likely to engage with? 


Text or Email? Examples of Bilingual Content In The Legal Client Journey

Bilingual content can be leveraged through the entire client journey — from initial consultations to case updates and appointment reminders. But when is it appropriate to send out a text message versus an email? It depends on the action you want to push a lead towards.

Here are some examples of effective CTAs with the best-use and purpose of each piece of content. 

Texts – Any kind of short-form content designed to prompt an immediate response with sender.


  1. Book A Free Consultation
  2. Contact Us For Case Updates
  3. Reply ‘1’ To Confirm Your Appointment

Emails — Long-form content that aims to educate, provide information, or drive users to other platforms.




  1. Download Our Free Legal Guide
  2. Explore Our Case Studies
  3. Register for Our Upcoming Webinar
  4. Complete Your Client Intake Form

The ROI of Bilingual Legal Texts And Email 

Sending a text follow up to an email increased open rates by 20-30%.


When utilized effectively, bilingual texts and email can provide significant returns. Email marketing boasts an impressive average ROI of $40 for every $1 spent, as reported by DMA. Additionally, a study by Campaign Monitor found that email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel, including social media and search engines.

In fact, a study by Adobe revealed that sending a follow-up text message asking, “Have you read our email?”, increased email open rates by 20-30%. This suggests that using both email and text messages together can yield even better results in engaging clients and driving responses. So why not utilize both channels to maximize your marketing efforts? 

Leverage Bilingual Text and Email In Your Hispanic Legal Marketing Strategy

By integrating bilingual email and text messages strategically throughout your client journey, you can enhance engagement, build trust, and drive conversions with Hispanic clients. Whether it’s a timely text reminder or an informative email, providing personalized communication in the preferred language of your target audience can make all the difference. 

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