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From Leads to Clients: Converting Leads Effectively in the Bilingual Hispanic Market

Abogados NOW specializes in bringing law firms new Hispanic leads; our clients love the number of potential clients we bring them. The following tips should help you convert the leads you get and prevent them from going to your competitors. If you need additional help, we’d be happy to schedule a call with you!

1) Make sure a native Spanish-speaking Hispanic fields the inquiries.

According to the Pew Research Center, prospective clients from the Hispanic community generally prefer to do business in Spanish. Allowing prospective clients to speak with a native Spanish speaker from the very start is a great way to build a long term relationship with them.

2) Make sure to treat the Hispanic lead as a confidant as opposed to a potential client.

The Spanish speaker that fields initial inquiries should speak to the potential client as someone who genuinely wants to help. The person should be empathetic and should ask questions as a concerned member of the local Hispanic community (as opposed to some who’s trying to vet prospective clients).

Showing concern fosters long term trust, which, as we previously noted, is a primary determinant of whether or not a lead is going to become a long term client. What’s more, showing concern invites the potential client to “open up”, which helps the firm vet them.

Although you want your Spanish speaker to build rapport with your prospective clients, you also want to make sure they hit all of the talking points. So, make sure to provide them a script to reference.

3) Make sure to answer all of your calls or call back within 2 minutes.

If you aren’t answering 100% of your calls, then some of your leads are inevitably contacting your competitors. So, either answer 100% of your calls or call back fast!

If you miss a phone call, you’ll get a notification on your phone. When someone fills out a form on your website, you’ll get an email or text. (Nearly all web form apps send emails, and some send emails and texts…WP Forms is a good option for WordPress users.) When you get a notification or email, contact the lead immediately!

4) Make sure to follow up with cold leads.

We recently published a blog post about remarketing. If a lead doesn’t convert immediately, you can use one or more of our remarketing strategies to convert them later. Our remarketing strategies have worked for numerous law firms…make sure to implement them if your lead doesn’t convert immediately.

Abogados NOW’s clients love the quantity and frequency of the Hispanic client leads we bring them. If you need help converting the numerous leads we bring you, we’re here to help!


Don’t Leave Money On The Table: Remarket To Hispanic Clients

According to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Hispanics are more brand-loyal than their non-Hispanic compatriots and are more likely than other demographics to refer customers to businesses they like. By staying in the forefront of the minds of former and potential Hispanic clients through remarketing, your law firm–your legal brand–can earn their future business as well as the business of people they refer.

Don’t leave money on the table; read this article to start remarketing to Hispanics today!

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