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There’s A Reason Why PIRNIA LAW Sponsors LA Galaxy

You don’t need to sponsor a team at the level of LA Galaxy to see returns on a sports sponsorship.

Local Teams Provide Great ROI

Sponsoring soccer teams at the local or regional levels (like youth, young adult, and/or college teams) is a highly effective way at reaching latino communities, capturing market share in a growing population, and growing consistent revenue.

In one of our previous emails, we mentioned how the U.S Hispanic population has grown by over 11 million (23%+ increase) in the 2020 census.

Latino Communities Support Brand Sponsors

According to a 2019 study by Sports Business Journal:

  1. 43% of Hispanics said that one of the reasons they watch soccer is because they feel it is culturally important to the Latino community. 
  2. 54% of Hispanic fans support brands that sponsor the leagues or events they follow.

The Easiest Way To Become A Local Household Name

Local sports teams, whether they’re youth leagues or adult amateur tournaments, are deeply rooted in community values and traditions. By sponsoring these teams, your business aligns itself with the community. Your brand evolves from a nameless firm to a community representative.

In addition, national advertisements can get lost in the noise, but local sponsorships ensure your brand is seen by a concentrated group. Given that local sports enthusiasts are likely to support businesses that invest in their passions, your company stands to gain loyal patrons from this targeted marketing approach.

More Affordable And Visible Than Other Channels

Compared to traditional advertising channels, local sports team sponsorship can be surprisingly affordable. Rather than shelling out vast amounts for a short-lived ad, your brand gets extended exposure throughout a sports season. Every game, every practice, and every team photo can serve as a brand touchpoint.

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