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Bilingual Website Content Your Law Firm Needs To Generate Hispanic Leads

Among the many tips and tricks out there, there’s the golden strategy for marketing that actually converts to sales: content is king. We’ve previously talked about how content is the foundation of a great website and are constantly sharing about the benefits of Hispanic Legal Marketing. 

But we also understand that creating bilingual content that resonates with the Spanish-speaking market is no easy feat. If you’ve got limited resources or you’re just overwhelmed, here’s where you can start. 

Bilingual ‘Contact Us’ Forms and Answering Service

It’s standard practice to call a customer service line and hear the automated voice prompt you to “Press 2 for Spanish”. The same consideration for language preferences should be given, as legal service provider 

The best option however, wouldn’t be a phone tree that we described. We discussed previously why brands could lose Hispanic clients to multilingual phone trees. Instead, consider having a dedicated answering service for Spanish-speaking clients. 

Your firm could lose the opportunity to convert qualified leads if they can’t immediately converse in Spanish. Most Spanish callers will hang up if their calls aren’t answered in Spanish in the first 15 seconds. Bilingual staff could handle all Hispanic customer service needs, from intake calls to discussing case information. 

The website should feature content specially tailored for your potential Hispanic clients and allow leads to provide contact information in Spanish. We recommend implementing bilingual ‘Contact Us’ forms.

Presenting your website ‘Contact Us’ form in Spanish can increase engagement with a potential client i.e. sharing information about their concern and submitting their inquiry. According to CSA Research, 76% of the population prefers to purchase goods or services using information that’s presented in their native language.

Providing Targeted Content in Spanish That’s “Searchable” 

Crafting strategic content for lead generation involves addressing issues specific to your target demographic and locality. Take, for example, an Immigration Lawyer in El Paso, Texas. With the socio-political landscape and geographical location in mind, the firm can offer insights on local concerns — such as the controversial S.B. 4 Law.

A quick Google search of “SB4 immigration law in El Paso, Texas” reveals that there is much confusion around this topic. This legislation grants police the authority to question and arrest individuals suspected of illegal entry from Mexico, stirring uncertainty among residents.

Along with news articles and videos, that search would also present immigration law firms local to El Paso. By providing bilingual SEO-friendly content through blog articles, the firm can enhance brand visibility in Google’s mobile search.

This valuable information should highlight key updates in immigration law and offer guidance to immigrants and local individuals on protecting their rights when approached by law enforcement. This approach not only boosts website SEO but also attracts local leads seeking legal assistance. 

Present Client Testimonials in Spanish 

We can’t underestimate the power of testimonials, especially for bilingual websites. Imagine testimonials as the “before and after” snapshot that captures the evolution of a client’s experience. It can provide insights into the problems or pain points that clients faced before seeking your assistance. A great testimonial offers social proof and builds credibility; instilling confidence in potential clients by demonstrating your ability to deliver results.

To prove a point, check out this testimonial from a client who wanted a website with English and Spanish language options:

AbogadosNOW really came through for me at a time when I needed the support the most! I had just launched my new Solo practice and the website developer I had originally hired overpromised and underdelivered, leaving my website design incomplete and in a mess… Soon thereafter, I signed on with AbogadosNOW and they took over the development of my website. 

The website services team at AbogadosNOW was phenomenal and worked seamlessly to recover my website and make it even better. They rebuilt the entire thing from scratch in record time, capturing my brand and vision perfectly. 

I could not be happier with the final product and have received countless compliments on the design and workmanship… These guys are on top of it, responsive, friendly, and truly care about helping your firm grow and succeed!…” – Julie Oktanyan https://www.julieolaw.com/es/

Testimonials presented in Spanish not only showcase your expertise in relevant cases but also demonstrate your understanding of cultural nuances that are unique to the Hispanic market. 

If you only have testimonials in English, check out this tool that uses AI to effortlessly translate video content and add subtitles. 

Why Bilingual Website Content Converts 

Creating bilingual website content tailored to the needs of your target demographic is crucial for generating leads and establishing credibility in the Hispanic market. 

By implementing bilingual ‘Contact Us’ forms, providing targeted content in Spanish, and showcasing client testimonials in both languages, you can effectively engage with potential clients and build trust.

Remember that effective bilingual legal marketing requires more than just translation; it involves an understanding of cultural nuances and a commitment to delivering valuable information. 

If you need assistance with your Hispanic Legal Marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out. Book a consultation today and let us help you build a robust, bilingual brand. 

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