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Framework For Building A Strong Bilingual Website In 2024

Building a strong bilingual website for your law firm that will attract new Hispanic leads requires some strategic planning. Here are some tips for building a strong bilingual website for your firm in 2024: Attract New Hispanic Leads

1) Remember that Hispanics prefer to access the internet on mobile devices.

The first rule of creating a bilingual website for your law firm is making sure that it’s mobile first. Nearly all websites in 2024 are mobile-friendly by default, but considering that 94% of Hispanic adults prefer to access the internet through a phone, your bilingual site should shine on mobile devices.

2) Make your homepage compelling.

Your home page is the first page most of your Hispanic leads will see. On it, you should state how you can help, case results, quick bios of your team (directing special attention to your bilingual staff), testimonials, and a call to action.

3) Make your bilingual site unique for your Hispanic audience. DO NOT just translate your English site.

A great many law firms make the mistake of merely translating their English-language sites into Spanish. Doing so not only prevents your site from resonating with the Hispanic community, but it can be interpreted as insulting: By just translating your English-language site, you’re essentially telling the Hispanic community that you consider it an afterthought! Tailor your Spanish-language site to your Spanish-speaking audience.

4) Fill the site with content that the Hispanic community finds compelling.

Make your site resonate with the Hispanic community! Use it to show that you care about the community and that you’re an expert at meeting its legal needs. That means writing legal blogs that appeal to the community, posting legal videos that speak to the community, and posting legal news of interest to the community.

5) Use web development and SEO best practices.

For both ease of use and SEO, make sure that your site loads fast and is easily navigable. Use next gen image formatting, make smart use of internal linking, and use updated CMS themes and plugins.


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