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Structured Retargeting For Hispanic Law Firms To Increase Legal Consultations

Sometimes, you find out through your Google Search Console research that the keywords that you’re targeting or the bilingual SEO strategy that you’re following isn’t bringing your law firm a sufficient number of new Hispanic clients. Sometimes, you have to retarget on a structural level to increase your number of Hispanic legal consultations. The following information about structured retargeting for Hispanic law firms should help your firm attract new Hispanic clients.

One structured retargeting strategy is focusing on subgroups within the Hispanic community. Maybe you don’t want to target the Hispanic community as a whole; maybe you’d be better off targeting a narrow subset of the community. 

In a previous blog, we showed you how a personal injury lawyer might use Google Discover to get more Hispanic leads from construction workers. In that example, we used an attorney who was targeting a very narrow subset of the Hispanic community: young male construction workers. Perhaps you need to narrow your keywords or your entire bilingual SEO strategy to reach the subsets of the Hispanic community that would be most likely to become clients. 

But structured retargeting for Hispanic law firms isn’t limited to revamping your keywords. Additionally, you might consider narrowing your geographic targeting to focus on areas in which your target demographic is most likely to reside.

Using U.S. Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics data, you can find out what areas within a metropolitan area your target Hispanic demographic subset lives in greatest concentrations. Then, you can retarget your ads and/or localize your website content accordingly. 

Say that you’re a personal injury attorney who wants to target young Hispanic male construction workers and, within X metro area, Y and Z towns have the highest concentrations of young Hispanic male construction workers. You could retarget your Google Ads and social media ads to focus on those towns, and you could create pages on your website that are dedicated to those towns.

Structured retargeting for Hispanic law firms isn’t rocket science, but it does require a good amount of research and strategic planning. If you have any questions about this or any other topic regarding bilingual SEO for lawyers, we’re here to help.

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