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Leveraging Google Discover For Law Firm Social Media Growth

Google Discover is a personalized feed of content from the web that’s tailored to your interests. It uses information you’ve already given Google, such as web activity and search queries, to personalize your feed. You can reach Hispanic clients with Google Discover by using the platform from the perspective of a potential Hispanic client. By leveraging law firm social media growth with Google Discover, you can get ideas for social media topics to cover and keywords to use in your social media advertising!

Law firm social media growth with Google Discover comes from using the app as a research tool. As its name implies, Google Discover allows you to discover new content based on your web history. How can you leverage your web history to grow your social media presence among potential Hispanic clients? Let’s take the following example:

Say that you’re a personal injury lawyer that wants to target young Hispanic males that work in construction. You might create a new account with Google Discover (not your own, as Google already knows your web history) to find out what kinds of content young Hispanic males that work in construction look for. To do this, you have to have a basic understanding of that demographic’s preferences. Once you find out, say, who some of their favorite musicians are, you can enter that information into Google Discover and find out what other kinds of content they like.

By using Google Discover to learn what other kinds of content they like, you can create your bilingual social media strategy accordingly. Let’s say that you find out that young Hispanic males that like X, Y, and Z musicians (like your targeted young Hispanic construction workers) prefer a certain clothing brand…and that clothing brand was recently involved in a large legal battle. You could generate interest from your target demographic by commenting on that legal battle in your social media and/or advertising alongside social media content about that legal battle!

Needless to say, few law firms are using Google Discover to improve their bilingual SEO strategy in this way. By leveraging law firm social media growth with Google Discover, you can attract new Hispanic clients through your social media presence! For more bilingual SEO tips, see our blog about Google Search Console.

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