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Demystifying Digital Marketing For Attorneys

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Demystifying Digital Marketing For Attorneys: Understanding Pay-Per-Click And How Attorneys Leverage The Spanish PPC Space

Demystifying Digital Marketing For Attorneys

Pay-per-click campaigns can be expensive to begin with, and Google has been leveraging its virtual monopoly in the search space to raise prices, as we noted in a previous blog

Fortunately, PPC campaigns in Spanish are less expensive than campaigns in English, and Hispanics’ heavy use of social media makes PPC campaigns on platforms outside of Google appealing to law firms that are trying to expand their base of potential Hispanic clients.

Running PPC campaigns in Spanish is less expensive than it is in English because there’s less competition…fewer law firms are doing it. Google itself shared results from a case study that showed that adjusting the target language to Spanish resulted in a 70% lower cost-per-click!

By running Google Ads in Spanish, you’re not only capturing the underserved Hispanic market, but you’re doing it for a fraction of the cost! Running Google Ads in Spanish is a no-brainer…make sure to add it to your marketing mix.

But you shouldn’t limit your PPC campaigns to Google Ads. Given that Hispanics consume more streaming video and social media content than any other demographic, it would be wise to run targeted video campaigns on social media platforms, too! 

The social media platforms that Hispanics frequent most, such as TikTok and Instagram, offer regional targeting as well as language targeting. That means that you can run PPC ads in Spanish that promote your videos to Hispanics in your area!

What’s more, many social media platforms offer targeting by interest. So, you can find out what topics prospective Hispanic clients in your area find most interesting and target them accordingly. Some ideas include soccer and popular Hispanic musicians & celebrities.

Google has flexed its muscles in the PPC space such that pay-per-click advertising in English is prohibitively expensive for law firms that are trying to grow their base of Hispanic clients. However, using the above information, your law practice can grow the number of bilingual clients it serves at a fraction of the cost of a Google Ads campaign in English. 

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