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Unleash the Power of Social Listening

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The Power of Social Listening on Instagram Reels in Personal Injury Law for Hispanic Legal Marketing

Unleash the Power of Social Listening

Social listening means scanning social media for trends pertaining to a particular industry. In healthcare, organizations such as the NIH constantly scan social media for evidence of outbreaks, reactions to medications, and other healthcare trends.

Unleash the Power of Social Listening

Since Hispanics spend more time on social media than any other demographic, Hispanics consume more streaming video content than any other demographic, and Reels account for 30% of the total time users spend on Instagram, your personal injury law firm should periodically scan Instagram Reels for trends pertaining to personal injury law. Things you might look for include:

  • Incidence of automobile accidents in your area
  • Incidence of workplace injuries in your area
  • Trends regarding the insurance industry
  • What your competition has been posting
  • What people are saying about your competition

Watching Reels only tells part of the story. To get a true pulse on the sentiment of the people, you have to read the comments. Pay attention to what original posters are sharing, of course, especially if the posters are your competitors. But pay closer attention to how the public is reacting to what is being published.

Imagine that a local media outlet has posted a Reel about auto insurance companies raising rates in your area. The story itself may be pertinent to your law firm, but what might be even more pertinent is the community’s reaction to the story. Perhaps the comments to the Reel go something like this:

Let’s take the example of an injury law firm that wants to grow leads from younger Hispanic males who get hurt on the job. Advertising on the newer platforms might be preferable given the target age. Here are the recommended steps given the target audience:

  • “Rates keep going up, but they keep paying out less. They only paid half for my totaled car last month!”
  • “Those crooks paid for my hospital stay after my wreck, but they didn’t cover my meds. I was out over $1000!”

Such comments would suggest that there’s a growing demand for an attorney to fight insurance companies in your area.

If your firm is looking to grow its Hispanic client base, then you should be engaging in social listening on social media platforms that your local Hispanic community frequents…Instagram is one of the most popular. Pro tip: Make sure to join and frequent Hispanic-oriented Instagram groups, and make sure to follow the IG accounts of local Hispanic news outlets.

Due to advances in technology, it’s possible to take an accurate pulse of the community without having to leave the comfort of your home. Make sure to engage in social listening to stay up-to-date with trends in personal injury law in your area, particularly if you’re trying to grow your base of Hispanic clients.

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