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Master Social Media Bilingual Ads

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Master Social Media Ads In Spanish For Your Law Firm In 2024

A stunning 60% of Hispanics say that social media influences their purchasing decisions [Entravision]; running social media ads in Spanish is a wonderful way of attracting new potential Hispanic law clients before your competitors do.

As is the case with Google Ads and other PPC campaigns, running social media ads in Spanish is less expensive than running them in English. By creating a well-designed social media ad campaign in Spanish, you can target potential Hispanic clients for less and get conversions from a highly-targeted audience based on age, gender, location, interests, and other demographic information.

Procedurally, advertising on most social media platforms is the same: You choose a campaign objective based on your goal (leads, traffic to website, brand awareness, etc.), choose how you want to define conversions (users visiting a page, users filling out a form, etc.), choose your target audience (based on language, age, interests, location, etc.), choose the scheduling for your ad, and choose a budget.

To run a social media campaign in Spanish, you’ll need to fill several bilingual roles: designer, developer, creative, marketer, and intake person. One person may fill more than one role.

The platform you run your ads on depends on the platform your target audience prefers. Younger Hispanics typically prefer newer social media platforms such as Tik-Tok and Instagram, and older Hispanics typically prefer social media platforms that cater to older people such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Let’s take the example of an injury law firm that wants to grow leads from younger Hispanic males who get hurt on the job. Advertising on the newer platforms might be preferable given the target age. Here are the recommended steps given the target audience:

  • Choose leads as your campaign objective.
  • Set an ad budget you’re comfortable with.
  • Choose your target audience with the language set to Spanish, the gender set to male, the age group set to people in their 20s and 30s, interests set to things that young Hispanic males like, and the location set to your area of service.
  • Write your ad copy in Spanish. Make the ad creative relevant to young Hispanic males.
  • Schedule your ads to run during business hours for timely response to calls.
  • Design your bilingual ad creative: video, photos, etc. Incorporate interests that are relevant to the segment of the local Hispanic community you’re trying to target: young Hispanic males. (Here are some tips for creating great videos.)
  • Track the results. (Pro tip: You can use unique phone numbers to measure results.)

Given that Hispanics consume more streaming video content than any other demographic, you might consider making video a major component of your social media ads. Bilingual video production has proven to be a valuable investment for many of our members, with numerous attorneys ramping up their client base this year.

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