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Implement These Best Social Media Video Practices

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Failing To Implement These Best Social Media Video Practices May Result In Lower Hispanic Client Engagement Levels

In order to achieve high Hispanic client engagement levels, you need to implement the following best social media video practices. Failing to do so can result in low engagement levels, a waste of your time, a possible negative ROI on your social media marketing, and a possible negative impact on your brand!

1) Create vertical videos (seriously).

Remember people telling you that taking video with your phone pointing upward is a rookie mistake? Forget that…Reels are made for vertical filming. Meta suggests a 9:16 vertical aspect ratio. (Not to be confused with 16:9.) That may fly in the face of everything a professional videographer may tell you, but if you want engagement, you have to play by social media platforms’ rules!

2) Focus on the host.

This may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many attorneys upload video in which the host isn’t on-camera at all times. Some attorneys pan to show their families and/or pets in an attempt to show that they’re trustworthy, and some even show affluent surroundings (perhaps not their own) in an attempt to show that they’re successful. Don’t do that; videos in which the host is the sole focus have a higher click through rate.

3) Focus on compelling topics.

Give your audience free valuable, actionable information. Don’t stray from the topic at hand to show your family, pets, or surroundings a la #2. Stay on topic and give the audience what it wants: free legal information it can use. (Want more free Hispanic legal marketing information you can profit from? Read more of our Abogados NOW blog posts and consume more of our free Abogados NOW content!)

4) Invest in sound.

Most modern phones take good video, but their microphones still pick up ambient noise. (You don’t want to look great and sound like garbage, do you?) Invest in a wireless mic and run tasteful background music to drown out residual background noise and break the tension from inevitable pauses.

Failing to implement the above 4 best social media video practices will undoubtedly undermine your social media marketing efforts. If you want to gain new Hispanic clients through social media, you might also be interested in the next article mentioned below.

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