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Understanding the pros and cons of local vs. statewide digital marketing

Digital marketing is a fantastic way to attract new clients in need of representation to your firm. It is less expensive and measurably more effective than other marketing channels. Through social media posting, content creation, ad placement, SEO, and more, your law firm will undoubtedly see an uptick in leads and prospects. Abogados NOW specializes in creating digital marketing campaigns for a bilingual audience. When you start working with us, we will ask how wide you want to cast your digital marketing net?

For local businesses like law firms, it is best practice to limit digital marketing efforts to your immediate local area or at the largest, the state level. There is no wrong answer. The choice you make should be based on your practice areas, existing clients, plans for expansion, and your legal team’s size.

Below is a list of the pros and cons of each type of digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing at the Local Level:


  • Better targeting. We can help you target ads to very specific areas within your city. This way, we can almost guarantee that the appropriate people in your neighborhood see your ads. 
  • Focused content. If you choose to market locally, you can really focus your content on your local community’s issues and concerns. 


  • Smaller lead pool. The smaller the area you target, the fewer people who will see your ads or efforts. This means fewer inbound leads actually coming into your website. 
  • Higher chances of notification fatigue. The more your immediate community sees your ads, the more they might start to tune them out. 

Digital Marketing at the State Level:


  • Increased brand awareness. The more you market across your state, the more recognizable your name will become to everyone living in your state. 
  • More leads. The more people you reach with your digital marketing, the more leads your law firm will enjoy. 


  • More expensive. The larger your target audience is, the more you will have to spend to ensure that you are reaching everyone.
  • More competition. At the state level, there will always be more competition than there is in your immediate area. 

Contact Abogados NOW when you are ready to start your digital marketing campaign. 

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