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(Video below) We got attorneys to speak Spanish with a low-cost AI tool

“What if we could get you to speak Spanish on video, without needing to know how to speak Spanish?” We knew it was a provocative question to ask our clients at the J&Y Personal Injury Law Firm. It was also super necessary for their strategic growth within Hispanic communities.

Abogados Campeones is a Spanish PI brand we developed in 2019 for our clients Yosi and Jason at J&Y. In its explosive growth, it is now one of the leading Hispanic legal brands in California.

However, we can only continue to grow the brand through experimental marketing.

So we shot some footage in English, as we typically do, and used a $50 tool by, an AI video translation tool, to turn their English audio into Spanish audio. Check it out:

English video (original):

What is generally included in compensation for a Personal Injury Case?

♬ sonido original – J&Y Law

Spanish video (made with AI):


¿Qué se incluye generalmente en la compensación por un caso de lesiones personales?

♬ sonido original – abogadoscampeones

Is it perfect? Not yet. Will it get there? Yes, and it will be revolutionary for those that use these tools as growth hacks to speak to new audiences.

We’ll keep an eye out for AI developments that could authentically connect your firm (and now your personal brand) to those that don’t natively speak English. Stay tuned.

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