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Yes, we made a bilingual mariachi jingle YouTube commercial for a PI attorney (videos below)

“This is a crazy idea. But I can see why it can work.” -One of our members, a PI attorney in California

Here’s why we suggested that a Southern Californian PI firm launch a tasteful and tongue-in-cheek YouTube mariachi jingle campaign (videos at bottom of post):

  1. 15.4 million Californians are Hispanic (39% of the entire state!)*
  2. Hispanic persons either only speak English, are fully bilingual, or only speak Spanish, so we would need both English and Spanish videos.
  3. Hispanics over-index on mobile phone usage**, so this would be an eye-catching mobile ad perfect for YouTube and Facebook.

Here was the risk: Not all Hispanics are Mexican, nor do all Hispanics universally enjoy traditional mariachi music. However, 77% of Californian Hispanics are Mexican. We tailored this campaign to CA-based Mexican audiences, however were mindful of not directly referencing Mexico as to not exclude any other Hispanics from our message. We were also mindful of celebrating this culture, and not mocking or parodying it.

We were also intentional in having different lyrics in both languages. In English, we made the climax of the jingle highlight the free consultation. In Spanish, we expressed that anyone can call in, regardless of their immigration status.

The result? Over 100,000 views across multiple platforms and a 15% uptick in phone calls.

Takeaway: Videos work. Bilingual videos work even better.

English video:

Spanish video:

*2020 U.S. Census
**Pew Research Center

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