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Boosting Google Ranking Through Mentions In Local Media

Technical SEO can only boost the ranking of your law firm’s Hispanic-oriented website so much. If you really want to boost your site’s ranking, then you need mentions in local media. The following tips about boosting Google ranking through mentions in local media should help your firm gain new Hispanic clients.

Google’s Senior Search Analyst John Mueller called digital PR “just as critical” as technical SEO. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, digital PR is defined as a strategy used to increase awareness and visibility of your brand using relevant online media.

Mentions of law firms in local media, then, are tremendously important for your firm’s search ranking. It makes perfect sense given how Google works: Mentions of a law firm in local media are usually accompanied by links, which bring traffic to the firm from sources that Google considers “authoritative”. On the other hand, mentions of a law firm in local media that aren’t accompanied by links usually prompt more people to “google” the law firm in question, which signals to Google that the firm is more popular.

But how does a law firm that wants to grow its base of potential Hispanic clients get mentions in local media? Here are a few ideas:

Offer to write a recurring pro bono column for a Spanish-language media source.

Give the media outlet free content in exchange for regular exposure on their site as well as a link to your Spanish-language site. If the outlet is well-established and Google considers it credible, the links (plural) from your columns (plural) should help your firm’s search ranking tremendously.

Reach out to Spanish-language reporters in your area and offer to speak on issues they report about.

Get on reporters’ lists! Convince them to contact you when they need insight on a topic or even a simple quote. While the reporters who reach out to you likely won’t give your firm a link, they will give you a mention, which will prompt more people to “google” your firm each time you’re cited.

Offer to go on camera to speak about legal issues.

Get featured on local Spanish-language media’s video streams…video streams are almost always accompanied by links in the description. You could also offer to host a recurring call-in or live comment show for free. In exchange for giving the media outlet free content, you’ll get valuable links for Google as well as valuable publicity.

Ranking well on Google can be hyper-competitive…you need as much SEO help as you can get. Mentions in local media can help boost your ranking in ways that technical SEO can’t. If you have any questions about boosting Google ranking through mentions In local media, feel free to contact us.

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