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Showcase Your Law Firm Videos Bilingual Marketing

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Showcase Your Law Firm Videos On Different Social Media Platforms To Attract New Hispanic Clients

Showcase Your Law Firm Videos

As we noted in a previous blog, Hispanics consume more streaming video than any other demographic. If you want to attract more prospective Hispanic clients, then video creation should absolutely be part of your marketing mix. But, where do you post these videos? Read on to find out!

Showcase Your Law Firm Videos

Tik-Tok and Instagram.

As we noted in another previous blog, Hispanics prefer newer social media channels such as Tik-Tok and Instagram. Fortunately, both platforms are ideal for sharing videos that promote your law firm. You can grow engagement on these platforms organically, and you can create PPC campaigns to increase viewership and engagement based on a variety of factors, including geographic area and interests.


Facebook is known as a social media platform for older people, but, depending on the type of law you practice, targeting older people might be a good idea. What’s more, although Hispanics may prefer newer social media platforms such as Tik-Tok and Instagram, most do continue to use Facebook.


YouTube was specifically created for video sharing, and it’s free to use. If you’re creating videos for other social media platforms, you might as well upload them to this internet stalwart as well. You can even create targeted PPC campaigns on YT based on language, geographic area, and interests in order to increase viewership and engagement.


There are more and more Hispanic professionals in the U.S., and a great many of them use LinkedIn like professionals from other demographics use it. Like most other social media platforms, LI is free to use and caters to a specific subset of the Hispanic community. If you want to capture the Hispanic community as a whole, including its professional members, then you should post your videos to this platform as well.

Given Hispanics’ preference for streaming video, video creation should be an essential part of your campaign to grow your base of potential Hispanic clients. You can reuse the same videos on most of the various social media platforms to capture different subsets of the Hispanic community, and most of the platforms generate good viewership and engagement organically.

Make sure to get a leg up on your competition by recognizing video creation as a crucial component of your Hispanic legal marketing strategy this year.


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