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5 Ways to Advertise to Spanish Speakers on Facebook

Are you looking for a way to reach your city’s Spanish-speaking audience everywhere? When they get out of bed in the morning, when they’re in line at the grocery store, and even when they’re waiting outside their kids’ school to pick them up?

If so, then the answer is simple: you need to create Facebook ads. And when you do, they need to be specifically targeted to this audience. That way, you can use the power of Facebook ads to reach the Spanish-speaking community in your area.

However, you might be wondering, “How do I create Facebook advertisements that catch the attention of Spanish speakers and convert them into clients when they need legal help?”

That’s why we’ve put together this guide. In it, we’ll cover 5 ways you can advertise to Spanish speakers on Facebook, so your ads can be more effective and land you more social media clients than ever before. Read on to learn more.


1 Reach the Hispanic Affinity Audience

One of the best ways to reach Spanish speakers through your Facebook ads is by selecting the “Hispanic Affinity” option when selecting your audience for your ads. You can find this option in the “More Demographics” section, just under “Language.”

When you’re directing your Facebook ads to this audience, you aren’t reaching only Spanish speakers. You’re also reaching anyone who’s interested in Hispanic content generally.

As a result, you’ll get the attention of Spanish speakers, bilingual Spanish speakers, and people interested in Hispanic culture.

This can be especially useful for reaching a large number of people who are still your target audience. For example, someone who speaks only English could come across your ad and forward it to a Spanish-speaking friend who needs legal advice.


2 Target Spanish Speakers

You can also run a Facebook ad campaign where you’re targeting Spanish speakers specifically.

There are a few ways to ensure you target Spanish speakers most effectively when doing this. First of all, when choosing the language your Audience speaks, select “Spanish.” If you’re only advertising to Spanish speakers in the US, don’t select Spanish from Spain.

It can help immensely when creating your ads, to have a native or fluent Spanish speaker work on them with you. Any content your ads direct to should be written by a native or fluent speaker too. This way, the content will feel natural and be accurate. Make sure to emphasize what your firm holds in common with the Spanish-speaking community, such as family values and upholding justice when one is wronged.


3 Run a Campaign With Pages, Activities, and Interests in Mind

If you want to narrow down your campaign to a select group of Spanish speakers, you can run a campaign with your audience’s interests in mind. When doing this, you should target people who follow pages, activities, and interests related to Hispanic political and legal matters.

Sure, there are going to be plenty of people who follow Hispanic cuisine pages and Buzzfeed Latino, where they can find out more about the latest celebrity gossip.

But if you want to reach your target audience, you should focus on pages, activities, and interests related more specifically to the legal services you provide.


4 Think About Demographics

Another way to focus your advertisements is to think about deeper demographics. So, in addition to selecting the language and ethnic demographics needed, you can think about what lifestyle, household makeup, employment status, and education level your ideal client might have. Then target those.

This will make your Facebook ads even more focused. On the one hand, you’ll be reaching a smaller number of people, but on the other, this can be a powerful way to reach exactly who you serve as a lawyer and reduce the amount of dud leads to sift through.

If you’ve created a buyer persona for your clients, this is the perfect place to find the details you need to input into audience selection before running your Facebook ad campaign.


5 Focus on Location

Finally, you can run Facebook ads by focusing on location. Select the specific areas you serve, and feel free to broaden it a bit to other heavily Spanish-speaking areas nearby if you’re thinking of expanding your client base.

This can be far less expensive than running a nationwide campaign, and helps ensure that you’re only getting calls from people in areas that your firm actually serves.


Ready to Run Facebook Ad Campaigns

Now that you know about the different ways you can advertise to Spanish speakers on Facebook, you’re ready to run some killer Facebook ad campaigns. Just let us know if you need any help.

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