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Creating Compelling Bilingual Web Content to Attract Hispanic Law Clients

As we noted in a previous blog, law firms that are interested in attracting potential Hispanic clients should create a dedicated website for the Hispanic community. Given that bilingual law websites attract Hispanic clients, the following tips should help you make your Hispanic-oriented law website compelling and effective:

1) Ask what your local Hispanic community is interested in and produce content accordingly.

The #1 rule in marketing is knowing your audience and tailoring your marketing assets to the preferences of that audience. If your goal is to create a website that attracts new Hispanic leads, then you need to produce content that new Hispanic leads find compelling. So, ask the community what it wants to see: Is it videos about relevant law topics? Is it Hispanic-oriented legal news? Is it profiles of prominent members of the Hispanic law community? Ask and produce accordingly.

2) Make your site welcoming to the various sub-demographics within the Hispanic community.

Remember that the Hispanic community is made of numerous sub-demographics. Within the Hispanic population, you have “communities” based on national origin, socio-economics, age, gender, occupation, education level, and more. The Hispanic population of the U.S. is extremely diverse…you need to determine which sub-demographics you’re catering to and adjust your tone, visual style, and verbiage accordingly.

Let’s say that you’re a personal injury lawyer who wants to attract young Hispanic males who were hurt on the job. In this case, your content should reflect what young Hispanic males who work with their hands prefer. (We recently published a blog about social media PPC campaigns (link) and described how a personal injury law firm might tailor their campaigns to get leads from this sub-demographic.) 

Content intended to attract young Hispanic males who were hurt on the job may vary greatly from content that attracts, say, educated Hispanic females who were discriminated against in white collar jobs.

3) Don’t forget that a large percentage of U.S. Hispanics speak English.

While it’s true that most U.S. Hispanics speak Spanish and the U.S. is now one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries in the world, many Hispanics prefer to do business in their native language, English. A law website that caters to U.S. Hispanics should be bilingual Spanish-English and be culturally appropriate for the sub-demographics that you’re trying to get new leads from. While it’s important to avoid translating content verbatim on your Hispanic-oriented site, it is important to make content available in both Spanish and English.

Since bilingual law websites attract Hispanic clients, you should have a website that new prospective Hispanic clients find compelling. Hopefully, using the above information, you’ll be able to produce what your local Hispanic community is seeking. If you have any questions about producing a Hispanic-oriented website for your law firm, we’d be happy to schedule a call with you.

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